Sunday, May 4

Second Polk County Major - Cleveland Heights 4Ball

Justin and Billy came in 5th place yesterday (out of 160 teams) after a long and grueling second day. The guys played so well in their first 4Ball tourny at Cleveland Heights, with one awesome, once-in-a-lifetime shot. After overshooting the green, Billy ball ended up in the woods! Billy came back with a brilliant shot chipping it in the hole from the rough. It was almost a hole in one. Way to go guys, we still love ya! 5/5/08

Cleveland Heights 4-Ball first round found Justin and partner Billy Cusic with a score of a 66. The leaders, after yesterday's first round, are Radocha and Heirs who posted a 65. -Only one stroke back, Justin and Billy tee off at 1:14 today in the final group. Click on the link below, for The Ledger's coverage, and check out Justin's brilliant (if i do say so myself!) wedge shot and the other highlights of yesterday's second Polk County major. (L to R Justin, Richard Radocha, Billy Cusic)

Keep your fingers crossed for our champ in today's final round!

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