Monday, August 29

Too School for Cool

What a crazy summer, it is nice to reboot our routine and have the kids back in school.  A little more 'me' time with the kids in school, it was time for mom to get her back to school glam on!
Although appointments are a little hard to come by at The Hair Company, I do appreciate their stylists, location, and the refreshing chardonnay during my partial foil.  

So proud of my oldest son and this recent milestone. It is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, August 24

Packing it all in

My least favorite part of vacation is packing!  Editing your wardrobe can cause such anxiety especially when you are making so many stops along the journey! We are the type of family who plans out the vacay itinerary months in advance. R&R has a time and place on our vacation agenda along with mini golf, Dollywood's Splash Country, Whitewater Rafting, the Spa, and the beach. Oak Haven Resort offers a beautiful escape from the chaos and connectivity and was the absolutely perfect retreat for my family to play, laugh, and love. This vacation was one that none of us will soon forget. Now, what is worse than packing?  ...unpacking!

Saturday, August 20


In case you weren't aware, nail polishes actually have annual awards. I admit, I had no idea just how fabulous this Cajun Shrimp OPI color was until the high-pressure receptionist at the Spa informed me of just why I must have this shade. I admit, it's pretty awesome. And in case you didn't know, here are some other awards winning nail hues.

Tuesday, August 16


A very special treat for all things girly. This is a luxury that every lady deserves. Always a welcomed surprise, this little box is the monthly visitor you will not dread!  Boasting right-sized luxury products from skin care to makeup, hair products or even the latest tech gadgets, the Birchbox is such a fun concept that is all custom, all you! Don't mix the box, sign up today ladies. Anyone else love the box?

Sunday, August 14

His Bday

A little treasure in Southern Maryland is a favorite of Politicians and National Leaders alike...and for good reason!  This unexpected seafood gem is the most delicious crab and lobster you have ever put to your lips. We simply love Jerry's Place and have enjoyed getting to know the outgoing, jovial owner who treats every customer like his first. It was the no-doubt pick for the husband's birthday dinner!
I surprised the birthday boy with a new iPhone complete with the golf app that made him want a smartphone in the first place.  Did I mention the ringtone? You guessed it...Happy Birthday to you!

Tuesday, August 2

Date Night

Lately our date nights (and weekends for that matter) seem to revolve around golf. I have identifed these top 5 reasons why I tend to tolerate it.

1. My kids are getting older and have an interest [we have a foursome].
2. A warm summer afternoon lends itself to being outdoors in the sunshine and nature. The surroundings are peaceful and you can always spot some interesting wildlife.
3. A little exercise can be more romantic than carbs and dessert, at least for the after party =)
4. We live on the golf course, so there is no reason to skip the second cocktail.
5. We live on the golf course, so there is no reason to skip the second cocktail.

Saturday night was admittedly an enjoyable date night! 

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