Monday, November 29

Just in time for the holidays

Would like to give a shout out to one of my favorite "go-to" businesses when it comes to event & menu planning, interior refresh projects, and free-lance photography. 

Touch of Toni brings a creative and affordable breath of fresh air to the home, with mad domestic skills that help make you even more fabulous!

Add a little flair to your holiday decorating with new design-on-a-dime talents that uses what you already have to bring that Christmas magic home!
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With Gratitude...

...we celebrated Thanksgiving.  I am so very blessed and offer up my thanks and praise to God not only on Thanksgiving but all year long.  This turkey day we were filled with thanks and turkey...and stuffing...and repeat.  As per normal with my beautiful blended family, we pull double duty on the holidays...but who's complaining?!  Seconds? Count us in!

The guys enjoyed a little football while the hens were heating up the kitchen!

Try these fun place-card holers & get the kids involved!

At the Arnold's

At the Heimer's

What a day!

Monday, November 8

Where the Magic Happens! Sew Fab...

After a hiatus from my clothing line aspirations last year... I am ready to jump back in the swivel chair and let the creativity flow.  With a year of re-adjusting and settling into our new life in Southern Maryland, I packed away the old Singer for a while.  Finally starting to feel like my feet are back on the ground, I have missed having my creative sewing outlet.  With a house full of boys and all things boy related, my favorite room in the house is my sewing room.  My sanctuary of fabulosity is all frills and ruffles; totally girly.  With my new sewing room complete and fully functional, it is time to start shopping for fabrics!

"More Brussel Sprouts Please!"

Just had to share this delicious and easy recipe that actually had my kids wanting seconds for brussel sprouts! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Simple recipe here
Brussels Sprouts with Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year! The excitement and anticipation of the approaching holidays, the gorgeous change in scenery, (my birthday), and the crisp weather that just seems to add a little extra energy to the day's adventures.

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