Monday, October 24


I enjoyed a fabulous fifth annual 29th birthday. Yeah, you do the math.  I am honored to have been selected for the Leadership Southern Maryland class of 2012.  Our Energy and Environment day happen to fall on my birthday so I spent the exciting day with 34 of my closest new friends.  It was exciting to say the least. A special thank you to my thoughtful husfriend who totally surprised me with a party at the Pub after a long day of VIP tours, socials, lunch on St. George's Island, and live demonstrations.  Like the one at the Chesapeake Bay Fields Lab where I got a little too friendly with Mr. Crabs. 



Wednesday, October 19

My youngest will only be 4 for a few more weeks... how I have enjoyed this year with my very little angel.

Pax River Raiders honor October's Breast Cancer Awareness

Leave it to Micheals to inspire a Sunday afternoon.

Weekends are made for fun! Funny what we moms consider fun, isn't it?  Who'd of thought 10 years ago that  my idea of a blissful weekend would involve home made halloween teacher treats, football games, and playgrounds?
shopping with girlfriends, martinis, and all day spa treatments...
Wait. What?
yeah - ask me again tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 11

My thoughtful hubby surprised me with a plane ticket to my hometown in Florida this weekend to see my family and sister who is in town completing her residency before graduation from vet school in May.  She is my very best friend.  We are so close as only sisters can be. Check out her blog - she obviously gets her sense of humor from me!  It was a wonderful weekend with a chance to catch up with girlfriends, and spend a rainy day with my mom and sister.  Shopping, make up (we love make up) and movies!  [Note: all working mothers (and fathers) simply MUST SEE I Don't Know How She Does It ]   and shopping with my mom and sister. 

I also spent a few hours with my favorite stylist that has been creating my signature look for years. What do you think of my new hair style?  Hopefully it's not too Nancy Grace meets helmet head...yeah, I don't think so either :-) 

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