Monday, February 23

LRYCC Club Champ

My hubby secured his title (and my VIP Parking Spot!) again this weekend at the Lake Region Yacht & country Club Championship. This is a fun event, at his home course, and always a great kick off to the golf season (sighing). After a tough start on Saturday, Justin was behind 5 strokes! He came back strong for 27 holes on Sunday and ended up winning by 5 strokes. What a come back. Justin can never secure the lead early. I often ask him why he always has to be the underdog after the first day just to put me through the roller coaster. Typical form for our family - the drama!

It's Friday Night...

T&R Funhouse

After baseball practice on Friday (I know, Friday night, who are these aethesist baseball coordinators? - oh right, my husband!) Jackson his longtime friend Breton stay the night. We took all 3 boys to T&R Funhouse, and had a wonderful time. T&R has become quite the Friday night hotspot with 5 free tokens with every $20 worth, pizza was tasty and they even have massage chairs for parents now! The next morning the boys had been glued to the PS3 for too many hours, so I told them they must go outside and get a little Vitamin C. I set up a fun scavengar hunt for them with clues at each prize point all leading to the top of the playhouse where the pirate's treasure (a green Publix bag) was waiting with their prize - a ton of left over Valentine's candy! ahh - and then time to take Breton back to mom! ha ha - pumped full of sugar and tired. Sorry K- but they had a blast!

Sunday, February 15

Easy like Sunday Mornin'

After a hectic Vday, we were hoping to sleep in but our littlest angel was ready to play at 6:45am. We decided after Dane had us both giggling and totally awake that we would go to early service. We had a wonderful family day and all enjoyed a few of our favorite things. Dane loves the playset that his brother has outgrown and can go down the slide a consecutive 37 times, before tiring.

Star Studded Valentine's

How I love thee... let me count the ways! My darling angel stud of a husband gave me the most wonderful suprise on Saturday night... the kind in the little blue box! I should probably rewind to four years ago when Justin and I met, to illustrate the thoughtfulness (which is truly the most important element of any gift) of the blue.

Justin was like the starving artist when we met; on the Hooters tour, sleeping in his truck, trying to make it as a young golfer on the road. It was though he had to prove to me that he could provide for me, the finer things in life, that a "movie star" deserved. After one short month of dating, Justin and I knew it was destiny. We were so in love and crazy (and I mean crazy) about each other. When we met, he told my friends that he thought I was a movie star and the pet name has stuck all these years. For our one month anniversary (of dating) he bought me a Tiffany bracelet. That also became a tradition that stcuk! Setting the bar pretty high, my wedding ring and band, mother's day, wedding anniversaries, I have even contemplated naming our (future) daughter Tiffany!

So as I opened the familiar box labeled to "my movie star", at dinner on V-day, my eyes filled up with tears when I saw the most gorgeous dangling silver star earrings.

A little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll

Cowboy boots...check. Jeans...check. Blinged out Belt Buckle...check!

Variety is the spice of life and as one of my girlfriend's pointed out, it takes a special kind to enjoy a little dirt under your finger nails one minute, and glam it up the next. I definately enjoyed a little true grit this weekend at the Polk County Cattleman's Association's Ranch Rodeo. Since my little sis is away my dad, asked "the other daughter", to help him out this weekend keeping time, registering the contestants and enjoying the Rodeo. My sister and Chad were a huge part of the Rodeo committee and events that my dad directs. I must say, they were big shoes to fill (I admit the high heeled cowboy boots probably weren't the best choice... I was exhausted!) and I so enjoyed seeing my dad in his element...and just how tough these cowboys are. My dad is 50+ (sorry daddy) and still the meanest, toughest SOB I know :-) He broke his pinky finger this weekend when a bull dragged him a few hundred yards across the arena, but you wouldn't know it, since I had to point out to him that his hand looked swollen 2 hours later! I was also glad to see some old friends, Melissa and Adam were there with there four, and my Uncle Ned, Past President of the PCCA was the Rodeo Official. My Aunt and cousins had a booth at the tradeshow, and I am hoping to add some of my Tiger Lily collection at the next event! Jackson was so proud of his Poppa "Duke" a.k.a Fred Waters, his chest literally puffed up when he grabbed him off the bleachers. (My dad's fav actor is John Wayne, the Duke). We all miss my sister and brother so much. On Sundays catch up about the week, but the first 15 minutes is usually just crying. We paid them a special tribute at the event.

Cowgirls are
Humble, knowing this earth and sky are bigger than they and just like the animals with which they play, some things are out of their control.
Confident, loping your horse full blast, hair in the wind, is a freedom like no other and it's then, that you know, you can be anything you want to be.
Tough, we don't whine about breaking a nail or a broken heart. We add a little super glue and get revenge.
Adventurous, living life to the fullest chasing wild horses and even wilder dreams. Spontaneous, for this life is a mere speck of God's total plan.
Spiritual, this is God's country. Respect it, preserve it, cherish it and all who lives on it.
Loyal, to their heritage, their traditions, their loved ones that represent the fabric of their saddles on which they ride.

Monday, February 9

A walk in the park

Sunday in sunny Florida couldn't have been more gorgeous, blue clear sky, 73 degrees, and the warm sunshine just demanded we be outdoors! What a day for the park, which is exactly what we did after celebrating Ethan's 8th birthday at Barnett Park in Lakeland. The whole Tiger family (even Stella) enjoyed a perfect Sunday afternoon.

After a long day, everyone was ready for a little nap!

Dane told "Mom-mom" and "Daah" to be sure not wake his best buds!

Nite Golf

Justin and I agree that there just isn't an activity, as fun, as Night Golf. Glow-in--the-dark golf balls, holes and flags, and just the moon's light to guide your way. Fully stocked beverage cart, a suprise air horn (we howled with laughter each time we snuck up on another foursome and blasted the airhorn just as their club hit the Tee!) and a few Skinny Girl Margarita's! I am not sure I have laughed so much in years. We had such a great time. Lake Region and it's members certainly understand the all there is to treasure, with a group of friends where you can let your hair down, rip it and grip it! Let's do it again soon guys!

While Jackson and the boys attended a baseball clinic on Saturday morning, preparing for the upcoming season, I enjoyed the Junior League Super Saturday Event, that has become a tradition among Winter Haven children. Bu showcasing the resources of the library to children of all abilities, including those who are vision or hearing impaired we are able to make a significant difference in all their education and development with the books, technology and programs available right here in our beloved town. I was so proud of the women in my organization and was thrilled to see wo many excited young faces! (I loved my face painting station!) Dane even enjoyed the library's tools and excitement for a bit.

Wednesday, February 4

Tiger Lily Aspirations

It's Official! My longtime friend, who I fondly refer to as a Jill Zarin-type "connector" referred one of her young brides to me, when she was in need of a custom made dress. I am honored and flattered and after meeting with this young bride, I am even more so. First, she is a designer's dream in terms of measurements and she is gorgeous with great taste in wedding gowns! I am so excited about beginning this chapter in my creative story, as hers will be my first wedding gown and she has given me permission to blog about the project as it progesses!

My First Bride, Meghan Jackson pictured here with fiance Jordan West

Tuesday, February 3

PGA: 2009 Merchandise Show

While the new line of ladies golf shoes certainly made me want to dust off my clubs and hit the links, the PGA show in Orlando this weekend was great fun!
These chairs were out of control (as was the price)! Justin and my mother-in-law Debbie were in heaven with the ultimate massage chair. Intended for Country Clubs' men's lockers, where golfers can relax after a long round. They completely encapsulate your entire body with compressed air for the perfect pressure relieving massage. This was a treat, though I doubt Lake Region will be purchasing one anytime soon.

This was a golf shoe booth that scanned your pressure points to determine exact arch support and spine alignment so that your shoes could be custom fit to ensure the lowest scores were posted on the course. One quote that my FIL always repeats comes to mind "it's not the arrow, it's the indian!" (Yes, I have huge feet!)

We ran into Justin's friend that often plays at LRYCC. He is a PGA Tour player and was also checking out the latest and greatest this weekend!

This fabulous that I was able to buy (wholesale!) from a vendor that was packing up, made my day!

This was the PING indoor driving range where they customize clubs and drivers for the golfer's specific swing, ball speed, etc. Justin, of course had to test the newest prototype on the market. His shot here was straight at about 160 yards and the sophisticated techology could even show ball speed... at 107 mph! "nice shot honey!"

Talk about technology! Justin and I enjoyed a day at the PGA show on Saturday and it was truly the mecca for all golf wholesalers, and I even found the most fab hat! Apparell, clubs, golf bags, greens, flags, caddy equipment, even new age golf carts. We had an awesome day together in "paradise" for Justin at least! I didn't mind having a glimpse into his passion, he reminded me that that is how he feels everytime I drag him into Jo-Ann's or Louis Vuitton at the Millenium Mall!

Monday, February 2

One Big Happy Family - you can find me in "da club"

Justin and Company were back by popular demand for his rendition of "You never close your eyes anymore..."

Pop Heimer and the Doc win best dressed. "Hey Dr. *R* - 1980 called, they want their sweater back!"

My happy perfectly dysfunctional family!

My inlaws (yes all four of them!) were in town this past weekend for the PGA (Professional Golf Assoc) show in orlando. This event is huge and my Father in Law and Step-Father in Law (to-be) are both PGA Pro's. Our weekend was hopping. Yes, we are on big dynfunctionally happy family. On Friday night we met with some other Maryland residents, enjoying a break from the snow, at Lake Region Yacht and Country Club. These couples are long time members of Breton Bay Country Club (or as we fondly refer to it, a club in the country) in Leonardtown, MD where Justin grew up. Long time family friends, and our family there at the same rockin party was the highlight of the year for us. We really enjoyed the evening!

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