Sunday, February 15

Star Studded Valentine's

How I love thee... let me count the ways! My darling angel stud of a husband gave me the most wonderful suprise on Saturday night... the kind in the little blue box! I should probably rewind to four years ago when Justin and I met, to illustrate the thoughtfulness (which is truly the most important element of any gift) of the blue.

Justin was like the starving artist when we met; on the Hooters tour, sleeping in his truck, trying to make it as a young golfer on the road. It was though he had to prove to me that he could provide for me, the finer things in life, that a "movie star" deserved. After one short month of dating, Justin and I knew it was destiny. We were so in love and crazy (and I mean crazy) about each other. When we met, he told my friends that he thought I was a movie star and the pet name has stuck all these years. For our one month anniversary (of dating) he bought me a Tiffany bracelet. That also became a tradition that stcuk! Setting the bar pretty high, my wedding ring and band, mother's day, wedding anniversaries, I have even contemplated naming our (future) daughter Tiffany!

So as I opened the familiar box labeled to "my movie star", at dinner on V-day, my eyes filled up with tears when I saw the most gorgeous dangling silver star earrings.

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