Wednesday, December 30

Santa re-routed

to MD just for the Heimers!  Santa certainly blessed our family this year in our very first Christmas in MD.

Tuesday, December 15

Mommy kissin Santa Clause

Is it just me, or is playing Mr. & Mrs. Clause in  the wee hours of the morning the most romantic, fullfilling sexist thing you can watch your husband do?  Each gift placed with such care, each toy presented in the most thoughtful way with hopes to ensure the magic of it's reveal.   Each year after Santa'a visit we both just stand there, teary, arms wrapped around each other and gleam at how excited our little ones will be when the sun comes up.  Even all grown up, there is something magical about Christmas!

A lot like Christmas...

Tis the season... and while we are off to bit of a slow start ( i will admit it, as of this weekend, had not yet bought one gift!) I know, I know... I just try so hard to not to over shadow my  sweet Dane's birthday.  However, our tree(s) are up and the online shopping has begun!  And even "Kris" our Elf on the Shelf has made his debut and the kids just jump out of bed with anticipation each morning to find where they may find him next!

 We found him on the mantle in the man cave this morning and the boys both squealed when they found him.  I have also realized Jackson;s noticing him when on the verge of fussing about bath time or finishing his homework.  Something about his presence is a constant reminder that Santa is really watching!

We enjoyed our Mantech holiday party this weekend, and it was great fun!  Enjoyed socializing with my co-workers where everyone could let their hair down a bit and rause a glass to make spirits bright!

Tuesday, December 8

Making Tracks to 3 Years Old!

Our sweet one had a BIG birthday on Saturday and the debut of snow fall, at just the right time made the afternoon even more magical!

Beautiful snow fall!

"real snow!"

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