Sunday, August 15

Summer Vacay 2010

It has been a super busy summer. With a move to our permanent home (bye bye rental!), heavy travel with my new job and Justin's tournament schedule in the mid-atlantic pro circut and lessons until the late summer sun goes down, quality time for the Tiger family is spread thin in the summer months.  Our vacation was way overdue and we both could literally feel the stress melt away with each mile we headed out of town.
We packed up and headed South to our home away from home. It was a true homecoming and felt so great to see our family and friends and enjoy some real R&R.

Our jet skiis are named after our boys' fun nicknames.  Can you guess which one is which?

This is the 1st year Jackson was finally old enough to drive (with an adult of course).  He was a wild man on the jet ski!  Little Dane loves the Nana and Pop's big boat and watching the dolphins play in the gulf!

Just like all Northerners that head to Florida for vacation... we went to Disney!!!

Top 5 vacation favs...quality time with my mom!

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