Thursday, February 25

Disney Digital Books

We have been missing the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program Jackson so enjoyed in Florida.  However, we have found something even better to incentivize his reading and share ideas. Disney Digital Books is a book club for elementary students! A small monthly fee is the cost of one of those tiny little books and they have thousands to choose from all with an interactive full color view.  While a good hard back book simply cannot be replaced, this is a portable way to help my son enjoy reading in so many ways!

Tuesday, February 23

Skiing with Pearls on...

What a fun winter vacay this weekend.  We headed up to our family's condo in the beautiful Virginia mountains at Massanutten Resort . Night skiing, day skiing, snowboarding, tubing, even enjoyed the water in the indoor park and... (of course) spa when it was time to warm up!  We had a fabulous time and I was very proud of Jackson for accomplishing the bunny slopes on his snow board after his first snow boarding lesson, and Dane who was ready to go sledding and zoom down the hill with mom on the tubes!!

My favorite part about skiing aren't the blue slopes I conquered, but the classic look of the ski attire and the trendy urban flair geared for the extreme athlete.  I love my Spyder doubt it cushioned my wipe outs on the moguls!

and... yes, I really did go tubing with my long strand pearls on...
all that puffiness needed a little GLAM! What's a girl to do?!

Monday, February 15

Mommy previews NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicks off ( again loving Twitter) I had a front row seat... well, sort of.  Calling all Recessionistas...on a budget, yet still fabulous! Many glam designers featured fur (faux of course) in the collections this year. 

One of my favorite Stylists Rachel Zoe once again, had us in cutting edge style.  Check out her fur accent purchased on her debut QVC special (sported by yours truly glam mom on the right!).  Malandrino's fur accents on the left most certainly cost more than $28.00!!    

Mommy Chic...Don't you think?

Tweet Tweet

Why bother with the news?  Or the weather channel for that matter?  I am totally addicted to the tweeps on twitter. This is literally instantaneous news on any topic you can dream of, the second it happens.  You can typically find the information you need here before your evening news has the details to report.  Fun is also found here!  Follow me @leslieheimer

Thursday, February 11

Snowmageddon 2010

Our snowman is ready to hit the links!

I have been accused of being single handedly responsible for the record busting snow fall we have seen in SoMD this year. This Florida native was thrilled about a White Winter... and that is just what we got.  More than a week of combined snow days for the schools, feet stacked on feet of snow and a grouchy non-golfing husband!  We have loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, February 2

In hibernation

Boy, talk about the Winter Blues... now I get it!  Things are definately different when it is bitter cold outside, but I suppose we are adjusting well.  Please forgive the delay in postings... it has been a crazy start to 2010.  Here is a photo journal to bring youup to speed!

Churchhill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby was very rich in history! Off to the races! 
Out on the town!
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... SJP Circa 1886
Arrived in San Diego a week later...
pictured here with my driver... I only travel Rockstar Style!

From So Cal to Snow Hill!
Dane down the hill!
So wonderful to have my sissy visit!

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