Monday, October 26

Dane's Mane

My sweet little baby's blonde curly cues and ringlet ringers are gone! I can honestly say, however, that it was time. Not because of the constant ridicule and remarks about my angels gorgeous locks (you know who you are) or the fact that was often identified by strangers as a girl (ps, this totally did not bother me, he is just that beautiful!). It really was just becoming too difficult to manage. Each night conditioning and combing and tangles, and Dane did not enjoy the after bath routine mommy had to carry out for the high-maintenance, toddler mane taming! Take the poll to right and tell us Which Dane Wore it Best!?

National Leslie Heimer Day

My annual 29th Birthday, (National Leslie Heimer Day) was an exciting on as I celebrated with some new collegues, in a new town, as a new Southern Maryland resident. Traditionally my mom, sister and I head to NYC for a fall shopping excursion for my birthday, but with so many changes this year, we just couldn't swing it. Though missing my friends and family back home, but they carried the torch in celebrating National Leslie Heimer Day back in FL. My new MD friends and family, along with my sweet boys showered me with well wishes, suprises and hugs. My hubby made my day super sweet here on the East Coast and we celebrated with a romantic dinner at Corbels downtown and then went across the street to our fav "chillaxing" spot, Old Towne Pub for dessert and cocktails!

Knowing how much I have been missing my girlfriends, he suprised me with tickets to make it home for our annual SHOPFEST at the JLGWH Merry Market with my girls.
IN ADDITION...(that little sweetie pie) had me open a box of golf balls only to find a new camera! After having 4 cameras in the past 2 years, J vowed that the 'ol Blackberry camera phone would be the one and only. Entirely inadequate with two young children (and a blog to maintain...hello!?) looks like he has finally given in and I love my new Sony Cybershot Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker has one (perhaps a slightly different model than mine - lol) My camer it has built in photo shoping tool that adds touch ups. Yes, imagine the time I save now!hahaha Thanks dollface!

Saturday, October 24

Fall Ball winds down

Thank Goodness! Ok, listen I love my boys - but they are just so... boyish!?! baseball and golf and bikes and bugs. I truly enjoy Jackson's games once I am there, but usually chase Dane around the complex and now (newsflash for the Heimers) IT IS COLD!! Only one week left, and our "Angels" have had a great season! (can you guess which one is Jackson?...)

Friday, October 9

It's Happening... Seasons Really do Change!

jackson playing in the leaves on our street...picture perfect!

So as an 8th generation Florida native, not sure I noticed much the difference in temperature, trees, or other weather causing conditions. But the leaves are officially beginning to change here on the East coast! It is truly gorgeous. Not realizing that the cold temps would come so quickly, we haven't yet unpacked our Fall/Wnter clothes and most of them are still in Florida in storage. Well, Jackson is already wearing coats to school and asks me weekly if there is snow in the forecast! We are starting a leaf collecting project, so please share your tips on leaf keeping, if you are at all martha-esque!

Tuesday, October 6

There goes the neighborhood!

The Heimer's LOVE Halloween! In our fab FL neighborhood, our Scare Zone (Mini Haunted House) had become quite the exciting event enjoyed by kids of all ages. So, it looks like we will have to shake up life in the new neighborhood, and kick start the season by introducing the "BOO". The kids LOVE this fun game that spreads fall cheer (and a little halloween mischief) while building the commraderie throughout the neighborhood. Start your own Boo, download the poem and ghost cut out. The directions for this little haunt should also be included. Happing Boo-ing!

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