Thursday, June 30

Vintage Blue Bird

Not sure about this nail color?  Do you think I'm too old to be wearing this shade?  Yeah, me neither! He he.  After seeing Kierra's drugstore picks, I was inspired to try a new summer hue on my nails.  It is a little bright, but it's starting to 'stick'.

I just love this whimsy top that I scored at 50% off at Talbots in the Williamsburg Outlets.  With the most delicate ruffles and little blue birds in the pattern, it is very light and feminine.  (Probably because I am far from a delicate little blue bird)! 

Nails: Revlon Top Speed, Jade
Top: Talbots
Watch: Michael Kors

Tuesday, June 21

Cheetah  print pencil skirt: JCP
Patent leather red shoes: Macy's
Silk white button up: INC
Bangeled necklace: Lia Sophia

Notice how some days (not usually Mondays) you feel more alert, focused, and productive?  I love those days!  This morning I woke up early to practice my Yoga which was followed by 2 kids eager to hop out of bed with the excitment of the 1st day of camp.  Lunches made, backpacks ready, and a sweet note from the husband wishing us a good day. The husband leaves a little after the sun comes up, poor guy.  Luckily, he gets to come home to this cougar in cheetah print!  (tee hee- i do crack myself up!) 
Heres to a productive Tuesday!

Thursday, June 16

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

It's kind of a hit or miss with my A & A Sydney inspired postings, but today seemed to fit.  These cute shoes are the only thing that got me through the day - the certainly didn't visit my desktop long. 

  • Sitting in a Strategic Growth Meeting with a bunch of powersuits and feeling totally out of my league (so much to learn in my new position).  I think I contributed 1 time with a total of 7 words in 1.5 hours...yeah, lame!
  • The fact that my last Awkward and Awesome post taught me that I have misspelled awkward since the 2nd grade. really? 2 w's? who knew?
  • Writing 5:30 on my son's preschool sign-in sheet knowing full well that is was 5:31pm (1 minute late will cost you a cool $30).  I hate being THAT mom!
  • Doing the mental rundown of the wine rack, at home, from my office at 3:30...yep, it was that kind of day. The kind where your clients calls you in for a creative brainstorming meeting at 4:45pm (hence the tiny white lie above).
  • Just realizing that if my boss, preschool director, or 2nd grade teacher follow my blog, [which I am so certain they do religiously] I may have some 'splainin to do!
  • My beautiful deck... with flowers blooming...overlooking the pond... and #16's sunset  
  • This fragrant Layer Cake Primivito that I is helping me author this post :)
  • A just-around-the-corner Friday/Shortday that I will be making up some quality time with that last standing preschool kiddo.
  • Snagging a deal on a new Lacoste watch for the hubs Father's Day present, and actually ordering in time to avoid rush shipping charges (are you getting the sense that I am always behind schedule - yeah you're sensing right.)
  • My Drunk Kitchen new Episode #8.  If you haven't experience the gourmet techniques of Ms. Harto yet, tune in for some delish humor-and a personally oddly familiar scene-

Wednesday, June 15

New Specs

My signature look has underwent a minor adjustment! What do you think of my new 80's retro spectacles?

Friday, June 10

Mohitos & Spikes

We have been playing a lot of golf so far this summer.  As a golf widow I find golf only mindly amusing and mostly frustrating. However, with the right shoes (a sport that requires a new pair of shoes usually hooks me) and a refreshing cocktail, I can be persuaded to hit the links with my friends and hubby from time to time.  Here is my newest/simplified cockatil collaboration that I whipped up for our couples Wine & Whiff League!
•1/2 lime   •1 cup ice   •2 oz. vodka   •4 oz. diet tonic   •mint garnish/flair

A couple other accessories I am in love with. Can you tell who the husband is sponsored by? Yep, I'm all about the freebies!

Okay, DISCLAIMER: Titleist were our only matching visors...:-)

Thursday, June 2

Lookie what I made

(that's right hair rollers are still in, it's kinda my signature look!)
Before my youngest son was born I had a lot more time to sew and create and design (oh sigh!).  I still enjoy my sewing projects and mostly make things for others.  I found this blue skirt way back in the last row of my closet and decided it was the perfect compliment to this bargain top I bought as a swim cover up!  Now I am work-ready in a LH original.

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