Monday, April 28

Fighting off the Photogs

While it was difficult keeping the Press at bay a few members of the Rockstar Association met on Saturday night for some sushi... (which turned in to Bonefish's magic martinis) and juicing on our friends who weren't there! Justin was out of town Saturday night for the Florida State Amatuer in Naples. When the cat's away :-)

Friday, April 25

The Birthday Blowout

I can't help but get weepy on the day of his birthday parties. As every mother will tell you, it happens so very fast, but it seems like on these days it hits you all at once. They are so independant now you are beaming with pride in all the big boy manners and maturity, but a piece of your heart breaks at the same time, because they are less and less yours. Mommy, Justin, Daddy & Allison are so proud of you little Tuga. You are such a kind boy and God has blessed you with so many talents and abilities and I know you will continue to use them for his glory. Happy Birthday Angel, I know all of your wishes will come true-

We celebrated Jackson's 6th Birthday twice again this year. His birthday fell on a Monday, when, of course we had a T-ball game, so some of his teammates went to Beef O'Brady's afterwards. We hung a banner on the feild for him during the game. Jackson is the Pitcher this year, and as you can see loves his little brother!

Thursday, April 24

President's Tea

On Sunday, it was my pleasure to attend the prestigious President's Tea, hosted at the lovely home of a Sustainer and Past President, Cindy Bruce in Winter Haven. Many of the 27 Past Presidents, of The Junior League of WH, were in attendance to honor myself and Pres. Elect (and my dear friend) Wendy Morris. Both Wendy and I were honored to be at such an event with women of this magnitude and were truly inspired looking around the room at the power house of community leaders. The support and encouraging words were so valued and I look forward to the Spring Banquet where my office will be officially inducted into this "Hall of Fame" and of course, where I will begin my journey of personal growth, persperation, and community dedication. "Ladies, do I get to hand select the maid or is that done by AJLI?!"

Monday, April 21

"Match Set"

Enjoyed our Friday night Tennis Tournament with the Cusics and M.J. All I know is that J and I looked the cutest, and isn't that all that really matters anyway! haha The boys played well together too and Jackson, Breton, and Fisher could be the next tennis superstars. Jackson is enrolled in Tennis camp for this summer, so those Cusic boys better get their rackets re-strung!

Friday, April 4

Spring Break 08

The Tiger Family is at the Beach!! We got the heck out of Dodge (and Winter Haven) on Wednesday for some MUCH needed R&R. The little beach house is only 1 block from the ocean, and yesterday was simply magic. We rented bikes and cruised the beach. Dane's first bike ride! Jackson and Justin loved to boogie board. We had dinner at Chases on the beach and watched the sunset with my sunkissed little angels (for a fleeting moment anyway!). Tommorow... a little putt putt and Daytona Lagoon waterpark!

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