Wednesday, May 27

Nesting is a Chick Thing

I remember my college boyfriend's roommate cautioning him that I was a "nester" - you know ladies, conscienciously leave behind a personal item or two to mark your territory. Well, it is true, I am definately the "Stage-5-Clinger","nesting" type.

This new read's title is as fun as it's adorable contents! A gift from my wonderful girlfriends (who I am going to miss so much) I have been loving this fun and truly useful book as I prepare for my new nest! Totally fun read and great girlfriend gift for any occasion!

Tuesday, May 26

Memorial Day Celebration

we celebrate those who sacrificed for us and our freedom, and on Monday, we rejoiced in just that with a fun filled family day at Mi Mi and Pappy's lakehouse. A gorgeous day that reminded me of so many summers spent at my grandparents' lakehouse, these are those precious times they will always remember... and so will mommy!

Sunday, May 24

Sewing Machine-check Shoes-check Handbags-check Upgraded Uhaul Size - CHECK!!

I HATE PACKING!!! I feel like I am cheating on my clothes when I leave some of my best behind...Justin has been adamant about the size of the uhaul and the items necessary for our "summer". Yeah... well he isn't here!!! My mom came over today to help me make some headway and we were quite productive I must say. In fact, I fit all of my SHOES AND CLOTHES INTO ONE CONTAINER! (Aren't you proud honey?**)

The boys have similar attachments to their toys. Three rooms full of toys that haven't seen the light of day in a year, but all of the sudden, the thought of a leave of absence, those items are now a must have!

Saturday, May 23

Missing my hubby, it was a nice suprise to get a package in the mail from the Ben Hill Griffin Golf Tourney Committee with some photos from the event. This is a fun one, my gracious champ had just turned over his spot to the '09 winner and had a few drinks to ease the pain of a few missed putts. This was certainly a fun night, one thing I appreciate about being a Golf Widow is that Justin doesn't let the day's play totally ruin a good party (most of the time anyway!) more fun photos at

Thursday, May 21

Afternoon Tea

Each year a traditional ladies Tea is hosted in honor of incoming President's. This year, instead of being in the "hot seat" I too passed on my words of wisdom to the incoming P and P-E with the other PP's in attendance (we have a total of 29 Past-President's). I can still recall the nerves and angst of going to the first Tea, not knowing what to expect. These women are certainly community leaders and women of influence and come from a time where you could be impeached for not wearing your pearls to a JL meeting! It was a lovely afternoon and while today's League experience is nothing like that sterotype, it is nice to dress up on a Sunday and share in the exclusive priveledge of this group.
PS- Most importantly (laughing) I just love this dress and it is an authentic 50's vintage that I purchased on Etsy. I am hooked on these vintage daytime dresses for summer!

Monday, May 18

super saver: recession proof kids?

Isn't it enlightening when the desire for a new toy can actually be measured. As you may know, my oldest son is blessed with 11 grandparents (remarried parents for those a little slow on the math) and we aren't even counting great-grand parents that also spoil my boys. The more to love, right! Well, $5 here and there add up and after his little collection grew this year, we decided it may be time for his own savings account. After last week's home run hit at the ball feild, he now has a total of $142.00. He is very proud of his stash and has put back at least 3 Webkins (Mom recently went on boycott from these tempting indulgences that amount to a little stuffing). So, today I converted his lump sum and will make a deposit (into an agressive, moderate risk portfolio) so he can begin to cumulate a little interest for his new interest.

Sunday, May 17

The coveted 100 point club!

The Accelerated Reader program has been quite a learning curve for mom this 1st grade year. Research, read, test, repeat. Jackson and I switched into overdrive the last 3 weeks spending an hour at the library almost every day. As of April we only had 60+ points, and since this has been our goal all year, I simply couldn't use the "we are too busy" excuse/reason any longer. The guilt of being a working Mommy restricts me from allowing my student to be anything less than his full potential. He loves to read and was diligent and determined in this goal. I am not exaggerating when I say we all had tears in our eyes when we saw those 100 points finally appear on the screen. Jackson and Brianna are the only 1st graders this year to reach this lofty goal which is equivalent to about 200 books (unless you read those that aren't AR like we did about 10 times before we got the hang of it!) This summer, we are going to get started early.

Friday, May 15

I have passed the gavel!

President, Past President, President-Elect... wow I am so last season!!!
"Speeeech"- I hate public sobbing (i am not a cute cryer) I can handle public speaking, but my presentations are more like improv comedy rather than soppy love scene. It took all I had to limit the tears to the few that fell...

My Board of Directors - I will never forget these fabulous ladies that I love so very much!

Justin came home with Dane and I for my Annual JLGWH Spring Banquet where I officially relinquished my crown as the President. The event was a wonderful tribute to the work of our organization and a celebration of our fabulous membership. The 2009/2010 Officers were installed along with the Incoming President, Wendy Morris. While, it has been an emotional journey of hard work, (sometimes frustrating and sometimes thrilling) but always rewarding and empowering. In the same breath, I am humbled by the experience and am amazed by the women, with whom I have had the priveledge to get to know. I am so proud to be a member of the oirganization and so thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I look forward to seeing all that is in store, and to re-uniting with my childen... LOL!!! To read my full Annual Report, go to

Thursday, May 14

absence makes the heart grow fonder

ugh... that is one of those nice-isms that people say to make you feel better, though totally untrue. Sort of like the one about it being good luck if it rains on your wedding day! (it was a Monsoon on our big day!) None the less, my heart and soul ached for our Justin and Friday night Dane and I flew up to the big MD for an incredible wedding with our family to the North and of course some QT with Dad. We had a wonderful and packed weekend with a gorgeous wedding on Saturday where Justin's cousin Josh and new Bride Erin exchanged vows. I just love wedding, what a wonderful way to spend a day. Celebrating all that it is to be in love and a family and to reinforce the values of commitment, dedication and passion. With a whirlwind of emotions lately, Justin and I not only cried, but were like newlyweds ourselves and could take our eyes off each other! Then of course, my SIL and cousins danced the night away like the rockstars we are!

Of course Dane and I were so excited to see Daddy, and we raced through security to our gate only to find our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours... ugh - i had perfectly planned Dane's dinner and nap to contain him... now what? You guessed it; Ice Cream, i gave up on keeping him clean and adorable - "da-da" knows and loved him a sticky mess even more!

Saturday, May 2

Freedom Writers

Absolutely the highlight of our weekend was hearing and meeting Erin Gruwell at Friday's luncheon. Erin is the real-life teacher that initiated the Freedom Writers. Her part was played by Hillary Swank in the popular movie about Erin's true story. The ultimate Junior Leaguer, in her pearls, her passion inspired these underserved kids, from the toughest neighborhood and gangs in Long Beach, CA to read about Ann Frank and Shakesphere. After her story, the 842 women in the ballroom were all crying, and so was Erin. It was truly and "ah-hah" moment.

Erin autographed this book that I bought for my sweet angel sister, who loves this movie and the touching story. My sister is one of those selfless leaders that truly sees the good in each and every heart. go to to read more about what the freedom writers are doing now and how you can help at risk youth all across the country through the acceptence and innovative teaching.

Friday, May 1

AJLI in the ATL

Two of my "bestest" friends and I headed to the ATL for the AJLI Conference this past weekend and enjoyed the sites and sounds of a big city while pumping our brains FULL of skills and training on leadership, strategic planning, and governance while networking and sharing with other amazing women, across the county. This was such an inspiring and cathartic 4 days, as my year as JL President comes to a close, and and new leadership prepares to further progress progress our mission. We also had a little social time with other "League-ing Ladies." Among my favorite were Inman Park Homes Tour and dinner at the trendy, Iron Chef winner, Rathbuns - Yum!. So much in store for our League with inoming President Wendy and our new "Pee Wee" Jen. Love you girls! PS - sorry about the mispaced phone and boarding pass mishap thing ;-/

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