Thursday, May 21

Afternoon Tea

Each year a traditional ladies Tea is hosted in honor of incoming President's. This year, instead of being in the "hot seat" I too passed on my words of wisdom to the incoming P and P-E with the other PP's in attendance (we have a total of 29 Past-President's). I can still recall the nerves and angst of going to the first Tea, not knowing what to expect. These women are certainly community leaders and women of influence and come from a time where you could be impeached for not wearing your pearls to a JL meeting! It was a lovely afternoon and while today's League experience is nothing like that sterotype, it is nice to dress up on a Sunday and share in the exclusive priveledge of this group.
PS- Most importantly (laughing) I just love this dress and it is an authentic 50's vintage that I purchased on Etsy. I am hooked on these vintage daytime dresses for summer!

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