Monday, May 18

super saver: recession proof kids?

Isn't it enlightening when the desire for a new toy can actually be measured. As you may know, my oldest son is blessed with 11 grandparents (remarried parents for those a little slow on the math) and we aren't even counting great-grand parents that also spoil my boys. The more to love, right! Well, $5 here and there add up and after his little collection grew this year, we decided it may be time for his own savings account. After last week's home run hit at the ball feild, he now has a total of $142.00. He is very proud of his stash and has put back at least 3 Webkins (Mom recently went on boycott from these tempting indulgences that amount to a little stuffing). So, today I converted his lump sum and will make a deposit (into an agressive, moderate risk portfolio) so he can begin to cumulate a little interest for his new interest.

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