Monday, March 30

Big Ben

This weekend's 41st Annual Ben Hill Memorial Golf Tournament, did not disapoint. While there were fewer golfers this year, in light of the difficult economic times, this invitation only weekend-long event, was tons of fun. Probably my favorite of all the tournaments (of course because of the fabulous parties!) it was certainly even more fun this year, arriving with the Champion. Justin wore his custom tailored green jacket, after a 2008 win. While a new dress wasn't in the budget, I was desparate to sport a complimenting tagerine/citrus color that themes each BHG event. I found an adorable sun dress and jazzed it up with a little "be-dazzling" and some rockstar shoes!

oh right - Justin came in second, windy day, blah blah :-)

read details of both rounds here

Annual Winter Haven Chamber Golf Touney

Kudos to the Winter Haven Chamber and, of course, the Golf tournament committee for yet another premier business networking event, and well... just a gorgeous Friday afternoon on the links. Special guest Derrick Brooks also teed it up for our Chamber tourney! Our community has an active chamber and the most supportive members. Check out our blog by Chamber President!
Ok so I am a total dork and often my camera settings are on video - I only though we were taking a picture!

Wednesday, March 25

Lunch on the "Run"

Lunch at my desk...again.

Those of you who know me, know that I have always struggled with my weight. I am not a "Naturally Thin" (though I can't wait to read your book Bethenny!) type, and have to work hard and be disciplined to maintain my target weight - which I am not yet at. It is especially difficult to eat right and excersize when you are a "superwoman" (smiling) with a full "plate" - no pun intended. I have vowed to begin training for a 5K - so all my readers can hold me accountable! My girlfriend shared with me this cool training download for your ipod called Couch-to-5K.
The Couch-to-5K Running Plan is a running schedule and has apparently helped thousands of new runners get off the couch and running 3 miles in just two months.

I hear these runners talk about how addicted you become to running after a while and how they just have to have - I have to say. I'm not buying it (no offense Ang:-) BUT - I will see for myself. I have started my journey by running (ok lets be honest, jogging) just a bit, but hope my new motivation will take me to the next level where I too will be "on the run"!

Tennis is my Bag

My Partner

My Bag

I love Tennis, unfortunately, I am not very good. Like anything worthwhile, it takes practice, time and patience - I have none of these at the moment. I have moved up from a 2.5 to a 3.0 in my USTA ranking and our season is now 2 weeks in. With one win and one loss (on lucky St. Patty's Day - We even wore green arm bands!) I hope to play and practice more and more. Pictured here is my partner Kasia - I just love her, and she is a lefty and we are totally in sync and can read each other better and better. (our team has the most adorable uniforms - in pink of course!)

Monday, March 16

A Day in the Park

Universal Studios theme park that is. With the gorgeous weather and annual passes, we enjoyed a day at US for "us", with the kids. These moments are so few and far between, but they are magic non the less and both Justin and I treasure the sweet family time for the four of us. Our boys are so cool and we had such a wonderful day laughing and being silly as only the Tiger Family can!

Putting for a Purpose

The American Cancer Society is near and dear to my heart, as our my wonderful grand parents. Justin and I were so excited to play in a benefit tournament with them on Saturday, and we had a blast. We do not spend nearly enough time with my Nana and Poppa, but we treasure them so much. They are such angels in our lives and after 50+ years of marriage, we enjoy their antics and the quiet comfort in knowing that accomplishment is still sacred to some. Nana's birthday was also on Friday so we had lots to celebrate... although it wasn't necessarily our golf games that day!

Friday, March 13

Tuga's Tooth

(We call him Tuga - long(er) story). After complaining that his tooth was hurting for a couple days we inspected his mouth and decided it was the funny feeling that preceeds a loose tooth. On day 3, he was in increasing pain and every teary so we called Dr. Odom and he came in at 7:30 am to inspect. Well, my little angel has his first CAVITY!! I was horrified. I am blessed with good teeth, so you can imagine my suprise. I definately think teeth and gum health are genetic, since we practice very good oral hygiene in our home. However, I think we will lay off the favorite dessert of yogurt with granola in the evenings. Jackson is certainly taking his tim ebrushing each morning and night now and jumps around signing "have a healthy snack to attack the plaque!"

Tuesday, March 10

Pretty in Pink

My girlfriend recently shared with me, a fabulous magazine and website call Little Pink Book - A collection of fashion, style and corner office smarts - need I say more?! I am totally addicted now as it seems to completely encompass and define my life's mission! LOL

The Feb/March issue was especially interesting to me, as a female business owner, and veteran in the financing industry. The articles are so intersting, ranging from those regarding female-ran small businesses and tneir "bail out" options to the strong relationship between money and love.
Click to read full stories. Or just check out the site at

*Fellow Blackberry Owners: The 10 BB Shortcuts is def worth the read:

Monday, March 9

Casino Night - Cards for a Cause!

Doesn't my mom look hot~!!

My friend Laura and I - P.S. Laura, I actually loved the Tomkotini!

Casino Fellas Billy, Justin, Jeff and Dewey

The Junior League and our Casino Night committee has worked long and hard for one of our year's biggest fun'd raising events (which is why my blog has been neglected!). This Saturday's culmination proved that Lady Luck was certainly present. A glamorous crowd, chart topping prizes, and the sights and sounds of a hopping casino, it was was hard to tell we were "working"! However, every volunteers' heart was touched when just moments before our event offcially began, a member of the country club passed through the ballroom and made a simple inquiry, about the event. Describing the event and the projects that the JLGWH will facilitate because of it, the donors wrote us a check on the spot for $5,000. It was almost unbelieveable, but yet, the past 2 years have shown me just how many generous people there are in our community. So many, give so much. Whether it be time, or talent, or other resources. I was certainly proud to be a member of the JLGWH on Saturday night. Such a memorable night!

Wednesday, March 4

Baseball Season is in Full Swing!

Jackson's proud parents!

Saturday was opening ceremonies and Jamboree for Jackson and team Premier! Our boys did well. With two practice games under their belt, Tuesday night was their first official game and they run-ruled the other team, ending the game early 17 to 7. Jackson hit a triple and even threw someone out!

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