Saturday, August 30

Date Night!

Ahhh, those precious date nights! I've kind of been known to be a little crazy on these nights. My life is just so intense and busy and hectic, my husband says it is just my outlet from time to time. I say, I just love to dance! Last night the Morris' treated us to my new favorite Capital Grill in Tampa (Yum, can you say Stoli Doli!?!!!) then we saw our favorite band Synchronicity at the Blue Martini. We had a great time and definately cut a rug! The perfect kick off to our special weekend ;-) (Was I texting the babysitter in the club or checking the status updates on Facebook that I am totally addicted to!)

Our Special Before "Labor" Day

Labor Day weekend is a special one for the Tiger Family as it is our anniversary weekend. As some of you may know I was 7 months pregnant with our little angel Daners when Justin and I tied the knot. We were engaged when God blessed us with Dane, but not yet married. So, we planned the most beautiful wedding weekend in Naples for our "Before Labor-Day Wedding" on September 3rd 2006. We wrote our own vows and had an intimate event with those closest to us. It was the most perfect, meaningful and magical weekend of my life, that Justin and I still talk about just how perfect it was... even the monsoon! My flowers were TigerLilies, of course, and we had our reception in our favorite italian resturant in downtown Naples, where they custom printed the menu with a very personal letter that I wrote to my husband to be. All of our incoming guests recieved a little booklet with an outline of each days events, their location, price, and attire suggestions. Once arriving at the resort, each guest recieved a beach bag with their name, a stuffed tiger, a beach towel, favors like silver golf ball bottle openers, golf ball mints, bottled water, the taco seasoning the we love, and other fun goodies that my mother-in-law aquired for us through her events planning company. This was my favorite part, as it meant a great deal that many all of guests came a long way, arranged flights and weekends, to share this day with us. Justin, of course, organized a North vs. South Volleyball Tournament that we even had a trophy custom printed for. (we wont mention which state currently houses the trophy). Our weekend was so perfect and everything about our ceremony was comprised of the details that were meaningful to us and our growing (literally) family! And yes, Justin had a pedicure and his toenails (shining brightly through his golf flip flops) were green.

Friday, August 29

Jackson's 1st Guitar Lesson

My kids both LOVE music and we have a loud music household and are always dancing and singing (i begged both Justin and Eric to let me put my boys in dance for years, no luck so far). Dane will sway and bounce to any rythm he hears and they both love to "rock out" as Jackson calls it. Yesterday was his first guitar lesson, and he loved it! The Fine Arts School of Central FL required a rhythm type test before they would accept him as a student, which i knew would be no problem. He was toe tapping and reciting the notes of all 6 strings within the first few minutes. Their first song/voice lesson was to the guitar beat of " really got me now..." Rock On Dude! Tuga will be the next Bon Jovi!

Thursday, August 28

Speaking Engagements

Another whirlwind week, as the activities of school are in full swing and I gear up for my JL year, I had the pleasure to share a little of "me" with a great group. My friend, Angela Newell, Event Coordinator for Cypress Gardens & Owner of Sunshine Celebrations, asked me to give a speech to the Central Florida Wedding and Event Professionals at their luncheon on Tuesday. I was super excited, as you can imagine, but for some reason when I told Justin the topic of my speech he almost fell over laughing! The Work/Life Balance?... what's so funny about the implication that I may have (somewhat) mastered that!!?? My speech should have been 1 word, 2 syllables ... Gran-Nan. For integrity's sake I had to believe in my message that went something like this:
M- management, multi-taksing, etc Y- you, make time for you, etc T- Time, time management skills, etc H- Home, most important, quality not quantity, etc. M.Y.T.H.The idea that one can achieve a daily work like balance is a myth!
The following morning, Town & Country Realty asked me to hold an informative workshop on their office regarding Short Sales & the RE market. Check out my company's blog and learn all about mastering this unique transaction. What a week!

Monday, August 25

ahhh.. to be 6 again!

I guess I should not have been suprised when Jackson did not need/want us to come and pick him up on Saturday night when he stayed with his new bud, Jackson Morris. While my kids are not sheltered from new surroundings and often wake up in a different place, I thought Jackson might have the "tuck me in" blues and need mommy when it was time for bed. NSM (not so much)... he had a wonderful time (and the Morris' survved too, at least the house was still standing!) These 2 Jacksons are histerical together - both dramatic, outgoing, and very talkative (not sure where they get that from). My best friend all throughout childhood also had the same name, and I must say there is a special bond! The other "J" practiced for his upcoming tournament... thats right 54 holes this weekend - but we did enjoy a little Texas Hold Em with the folks while my sister and I re-organized my mom's "master wing"! On Sunday, JL President-Elect, Wendy, and I were the attending Delegates at the State Public Affairs Conference held in the Orlando Museum of Art. We were both inpspired and are excited about the new advocacy arm of our League. One bill we both felt passionate about protected and provided additional assistance for the Youth Caregivers, these young people carry such a burden at a young age. I thought about our Jacksons, being kids, enjoying their carefree childhood and how fortunate I feel that my families are healthy. What a wonderful life I am blessed with.

Monday, August 18

First Day in First Grade

We successfully accomplished the morning of the First Grade for Tuga (aka Jackson). He was early to rise and we greeted the other excited/overbearing parents, camera in hand, at Mrs. Aceto's class. He was a bit nervous I think, noting that he wasnt sure if it was butterflies in his tummy, or if he just needed to go #2. Let's hope it wasn't the latter, as he still isnt totally familiar with the Big School layout. Mommy was definatley teary as we walked away and I just held little Dane a little tighter. I'llblink my eyes and Dane will be making that same long walk with the giant backpack.

Friday, August 15

"Big School" Preparations

Preparing for "back to school" is quite intimidating, for Mommy! Jackson starts the 1st grade on Monday, which I can barely say out loud without tears welling up. He is so excited and we have some (ok one half) of an AR Point - which we had to really work for!! Grace Lutheran requires the teachers to conduct a "home visit"- not to worry, Thank God for Gran-Nan :-) Myself, along with about 100 other mommies hit up Staples yesterday for the VERY precise list of school supplies and Jackson was so proud to pack them just so, in his backpack. Today, was our open house and we got to see his classroom, big boy desk and classmates. I am so excited for him. His desk is in the very front row. I am going to love Mrs. Aceto, I can already tell!

Monday, August 11


Unlike the U.S. Amateur, which often seems like just another event on the college circuit, the U.S. Mid-Am restricts its field to amateur players with handicap indexes of 3.4 or less and who are at least 25 years old. In other words, people who can shoot lights out despite having a job. Qualifying for event takes places at 60 sites around the country, and about 30 minutes ago it was official, Justin qualified for the U.S. Mid-Am. Milkwalkee here we come... hmmm, what else do they have beside beer?

Sunday, August 10

Weekend of Memories!

Our FMHA event was tons of fun and a wonderfully bonding weekend for our team and families. Mom and I played hours of tennis, and our Golf team did take home first place and we enjoyed getting to know our fill in fourth, Terrance Barber. At the grand finale event featuring the Synposiam, was probably the highlight for all of us. This band is, by far, the best I have seen and each year they wow us all! Of course, my dance background combined with the martini bar makes it simply impossible to contain my eurythmic energy! We danced the night away, and (post Kids' Club) Dane was such a crowd pleaser, with his dancing despite his 18 months, that the band brought him on stage! Once they played "We are Family" the Premier team certainly embraced the moment for an evening none of us will ever forget - MoHo's are rockstars! After 2 nights in Tampa, we set the alarm for an early morning and arrived in Gainesville around 8am with props and banners in hand to celebrate my sisters graduation. A tearful entourage of friends and family, the visible pride of my father (and his tears)... Luder and I weren't sure if it was because both of his daughters have now graduated from UF, or just the fact that both of his daughters have now graduated!!! A perfectly planned and logistically laid-out luncheon followed the morning graduation with a champagne toast and a touching slideshow. Now on to vet school for my sister, she truly is my hero. My other hero, my hubby, graciously took the backstage today, despite his bday. We all got our second (actually like 20th wind after the whirlwind of the past 3 days!!!) wind and planned a small suprise birthday cocktail hour at the hotel pool, for J's present opening with the fam, we then went to dinner at his fav resturant with sushi and japense steak house. Finally, today... WE ARE HOME!

Thursday, August 7

Starting the weekend early!

Over the years Premier has found quite the niche in the mortgage industry. We have captured the market share on manufactured home (mobile homes) financing. This niche has been significant in building many of our companies including, Haven Capital Funding (what justin does) Sun Ovation Homes and of course, Premier. Premier has an entire division dedicated to the origination, processing and funding of these sometimes challenging loans. We fondly call the ladies in that department "the MoHo's". Well this weekend, the MoHo's let loose, celebrate and network with Manuf. Home Dealers from all over the state at the FMHA Annual Sun N' Fun at Tampa's Saddlebrook Resort & Spa. Our guys will compete in a Golf Tourny, while mom and I compete in the Tennis Tourny!! Tomorrow evening is the elegant cocktails, dinner, and dancing sure to followed by a few more cocktails at the poolside tiki bar. Congrats MoHo's you deserve it! Enjoy! From there... the Tigers head to Gainesville to see my baby sister GRADUATE!! HURRAYY Weeble we are so proud of you and can't wait to get there - GO GATORS!!

Monday, August 4

Steeling the Thunder...

As you know, the Heimer Household is a competitive place, so it was no suprise when Justin had to one up me and steal the spotlight this weekend as he took home the (really large and beautiful! thanks BHN) trophy for the Polk County Amatuer at our home course at LRYCC. Of course, that was my favorite part as it made the spectator cart accessible and the cockatils abundant! Justin was a birdie-making machine and won the tournament by a significant margin (I am cautious when posting sports stats as it is not be strong suite). LR's "A" Team (Radocha, Heimer, Saterbo & Saterbo pictured below) also won this weekend! A special thank you to Brighthouse Networks, event sponsor and Justin's personal photographer (LOL) Leslie McCutchin, official event paparazzi. Full story and video highlights of the weekend, visit

Saturday, August 2

24 hours later...

I am ready to talk about it. Yes, my magazine spotlight came out yesterday. First, I am very grateful for the exposure the JLGWH recieved and the opportunity to showcase our wonderful organization and the work it does in our community. I appreciate FOCUS magazine, and look forward to future publications from them. Unfortunately I was not able to proof the article, prior to print, as agreed on with the reporter. I had hoped that the League's contact information would be included, but it was not. Please note that if you are interested in further information reagrding the JLGWH, please visist or feel free to contact me directly at 863-899-4555. *Other noteworthy mentions are my oversized forehead (which I now call a 5-head) and a washed-out ghostly image which simply proves my theory that I had attested to for years ... ladies forget what your grandmothers' told you. Less is not more - pile on the blusher and eyeliner and rock your evening look in the light of day! Life is too short to wear sensible shoes!!! I look forward to your feedback on my cover story :-) Thanks again to the staff and editor at FOCUS magazine.

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