Saturday, August 2

24 hours later...

I am ready to talk about it. Yes, my magazine spotlight came out yesterday. First, I am very grateful for the exposure the JLGWH recieved and the opportunity to showcase our wonderful organization and the work it does in our community. I appreciate FOCUS magazine, and look forward to future publications from them. Unfortunately I was not able to proof the article, prior to print, as agreed on with the reporter. I had hoped that the League's contact information would be included, but it was not. Please note that if you are interested in further information reagrding the JLGWH, please visist or feel free to contact me directly at 863-899-4555. *Other noteworthy mentions are my oversized forehead (which I now call a 5-head) and a washed-out ghostly image which simply proves my theory that I had attested to for years ... ladies forget what your grandmothers' told you. Less is not more - pile on the blusher and eyeliner and rock your evening look in the light of day! Life is too short to wear sensible shoes!!! I look forward to your feedback on my cover story :-) Thanks again to the staff and editor at FOCUS magazine.

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