Monday, June 30

Superheros in the Junior League

Our Junior League's Annual Board & Leadership Retreat was inspiring, productive, action packed and tons of fun! The Board of Directors are pictured above adorning their Wonder Woman capes that denote all the super human powers it takes to be a mom, wife, volunteer, professional, entreprenuer, corporate CEO, nurse, doctor, dance teacher, PhD, business owner, educator and all of the other roles we juggle each day. I feel so blessed with such an a,azing Board this year and am so excited about the year ahead with all of our Superheros.

Tuesday, June 24

Who's Your Daddy!?!

Thats right baby! For those of you nay-sayers (and you know who you are!), my team and I are in fact, the 2008 League Champs!! We will kick some "Ace" next weekend in Daytona in the USTA Regional Tournament, so you may want to request any autographs now! LOL - and you said I wasn't the sporty spice type! Looks like cheerleading and dance arts sports afterall, the have perfectly prepared me for my reign as Tennis Champ!

Monday, June 23

Green Living

Earth Day in April was a turning point in the Heimer Home. My 6 year old learned all about energy conservation, consumption, and protecting the earth's resources at school and we decided to foster his love for the planet, and try to live a little greener. Of course we always take our green biodegradable bags to Publix (and if mommy forgets Jackson insists we go back and get them!). We also adopted a motto that has become favorite of my male dominated home. "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down". Giggle worthy for sure and saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year! Along with buying organic, and recycled paper goods (I miss my Charmin with aloe!) We have also started a (very small) organic garden. We planted tomatoes a little over 6 weeks ago, and still haven't seen the first sprout which is not fun for a 6 year old used to immediate gratification. Pictured here is our tomatoes (at least we think they are under there!) However, our sunflowers were almost instantaneous, which would be my suggestion for any mom "cultivating" a young gardener. Just pop some sunflower seeds in the soil and wow- do they grow. The sunflowers sprouting (above) are only after 2 weeks!

Wednesday, June 18

VIP Tour Bay News 9

I had the priveledge to tour, behind the scenes, of Bay News 9 today thanks to friend and Brighthouse "who's who", Wendy Morris. The station's cutting edge studio and and reporting techniques is quiet remarkable as is all that they do to give back to the community. The weather station and their Pinpoint Doppler 9000 is among the most advanced in the nation and scienitifically superior bouncing satelitte signals around the earth - this is definately where I will tune in this hurricane season! We also met a few of the anchors. Jen Holloway and Erica Riggins are pictured here. I learned that Jen is also an avid golfer! She has just been promoted to become the face of Brighthouse and will be leaving the morning news desk. What an enjoyable morning with the news on the nines team. Is your house a Brighthouse?

Monday, June 16

Vacationing along the East Coast

Our Winter Haven caravan heads homeward today after a fabulous vacation along some wonderful East coast destinations. Tonight we will visit Savannah after leaving Southern MD early this morning. What a wonderful 10 days we've enjoyed visiting with our Maryland family. We were so glad my grandparents were able to experience this beautiful part of the country and all of the rich history that is wrapped up in golf, Breton Bay, and "the county". We enjoyed "#1's" (blue crabs), The Southern Maryland Amateur, swimming, golf, D.C., tennis, the Tiki Bar, the beer truck, and Solomans Island but most of all some great Q.T. with the fam. While Justin didn't take the So MD title home with us this year, we were so proud for Brent Martin, long time friend and Garbrous Golf Academy student *shout out*. We love you guys and can't wait until we do it all again! Be sure and comment on your favorite event...(Monkeys.. I think we all know what yours was). Our early summer adventure included the sights and sounds of Hilton Head SC, Washington DC, Southern MD, and Savannah GA.

Monday, June 9

The Rednecks of the South meet the Rednecks of the North

The fun has just begun, as we arrive today at our final destination in St. Mary's County Maryland, Justin's hometown. A roadtrip with my parents and grandparents in a multi-state caravan, we enjoyed the last 2 nights in Hilton Head, SC for little R & R before we finished the last leg of our trip, today. This should be quite an exciting week finished with a grande finale tournament, as Justin and friends (from both North and South) compete in the Southern Maryland Amatuer. This is the second time my parents have experienced what is fondly referred to a "the county" (whic is very similar to our beloved Polk County, but with more emphasis on the "neck"). St. Mary's claim to fame? It is home to more bars, per capita, than any other county in the US! Jackson and Dane are so excited to see their Noni (grandma), Aunt Alston, Aunt Lauren, Unlce Taylor, Nana and Pop Heimer, Unlce Phillip and Aunt Tara (aka the Monkey Family- whose ongoing competition with us Tigers is a serious pasttime whenever the South meets the North).
Above, you can preview our custom road-warrior apparel. Tiger Lily Designs will create the perfect ensemble for whatever your occasion... even if it is a 14 hour car ride, with soaring gas prices and two children under 7.

Sunday, June 1

"Carried Away" - Sex and the City Premier Weekend!!

So, we certainly got "Carried Away" this weekend as the long awaited movie Premiered. After a matinee with my mom and totally obsessed sister on Friday, I joined my gorgeous fab gal pals (above) and headed to Orlando in our limo for the VIP pre-party at Neiman Marcus, hosted by Girls Getaway Guide author, Casey Wohl. Next we were on to the main event at City Walk for a packed theatre complete with cosmos. On Saturday night, mom, sis and I decided to *sneak* out after the boys were down for the late movie at 10:30 to get Carried away one more time... the fashion alone is to die for, and you really have to see it more than once to catch each fabulous piece. The lengthy movie is everything you want it to be, romance, and suprises, tears, and joy and the best of NYC, and the couture is a fashionist'as dream... inspired, I will be burning up the motor on my old singer this week for sure!
Every year in during our girls shopping trip to NYC, we pick on splurge item - i think we all remember the LV's of 2005!! During our trip this year I bought these fabulous boots at Bergdorf's ... I WAS THRILLED WHEN WE NOTICED CARRIE WORE THEM IN THE MOVIE!! ... What can I say - i taught her everything she knows ! hahah below, we are sitting on the steps of Carrie's brownstone -

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