Saturday, June 27

Summer Fashion

is so fun! Easy breezy with a whatever goes feel. I always feel so creative and inspired in the summer because the style is more casual and less structured. Lately I have just been in love with the ease and comfort of summer dresses, and seeing all these yachts on the Bay and the classic style of the mid-atlantic I have been on a nautical kick. Nothing is easier (without our Nan mommy doesn't have an hour to get ready...ever!) than throwing on a shift dress, or a simple Tee and a-line skirt. With a few simple accessories, I can still be the fashion diva I am year round and with more primp-time (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!! LOL) Did I mention that Polyvore is my only creative design outlet since I haven't yet unpacked my sewing machine?

"Stripped Teas"

Some summer simplicities just aren't such. I have warm memories of my Nana making her Sun Tea on the dock of our lake house each summer and enjoying the Vitamin C enriched iced tea that was slow brewed by the sun's energy. Well when "google-ing" the directions to rrefresh my memory for a fun activity for Jackson and I to prepare, I learned that making your tea in the Sun can be a dangerous as it harbors bacteria. Finding the balance between the old "it didn't hurt you" and "my kids live in a bubble" argument that I often have with my own parents, I decided to find a compromise and wanted to share my tips for making safer Sun Tea:
- Wash with warm soapy water before use (Duh!)
- Best not to use a jar with a spigot as they are difficult to clean
- Though it takes the fun out a bit, boiling the tea for 3-4 minutes prior to is suggested, as this is what ensure the bacteria strands don't develop
- Do not use herbal teas, only leave in sun for 3-4 hours, and refrigerate directly
after drinking within 3 days.

My husband LOVES tea (unsweet) and enjoyed this Tea we made, sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24

Pledge to eat at least one thing from a local farm every day during Buy Local week (last week in July)! This is a great campaign to support the local growers and farmers here in So.MD. and we look forward to buying the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables all summer! Click here to pledge and be counted!

Monday, June 22

For the love of Dads

My Boys are blessed with a blended family. We have lots of grandpas to love and dads to protect, provide and play with. Here are some great shots that capture how wonderful the dads in my life are and the very special relationships we have with them.

Saturday, June 20

B is for Blue Crabs

Jackson enjoyed this adorable book that we checked out of the library, which is very relevant lately! Did you know that the crabs really are Blue!? And...they cook them alive, yikes. I think my kids may be traumatized after having crabs at the Heimers'.
Add a little Old Bay seasoning of course!

Cans on top so they don't try to escape - eeeek

Thursday, June 18


We enjoyed a yummy dinner last night at P.F. Changs (lettuce wraps - yum!) and small celebration before Taylor (J's youngest brother) enjoyed his high school graduation. Toni orchestrated an adorable little tribute where each member of our family was assigned a letter of TAYLOR's name and was asked to give one word/short story to describe him with that letter. It was very touching and appreciated for our 2009 grad. The ceremony was in Northern Virgina, which is a gorgeous area, where Robinson Secondary School ceremony was held. We are so proud of you "Tag!"

Wednesday, June 17

"That's What Maryland Does..."

a great line from my all time favorite funny movie, The Wedding Crashers, that refers to crabcakes and football. Well not being so much the seafood eater, this crab thing has taken some getting used to. It has been Jackson's favorite since he was two and we have only begun to introduce shell fish to the little one of course. We enjoyed a cook out at the Heimer's on Sunday with some beer, crabs and lively conversation which is always the best part about sharing crabs with friends and family.

Weekend Chow

Why does it seems that weekends tend to revolve around meals? Is Dad going to be up early to make a big breakfast? Should we put some chicken on the grill for a BBQ later? Meet friends downtown for lunch? Well, we had a busy Saturday of shopping and yard work and opted for an easy dinner in of chinese food from Happy Dragon. This authentic mom and pop chinese is some of the best I've had. The veggies were fresh and nothing had that sodium soaked taste yum!

looks like good things are ahead!

Jackson loves jokes like his mommy! He checked out this silly joke book from the Library last week and we have enjoyed so much. Triva: Worl'd oldest joke? You guessed it... why did the chicken cross that darn road!

The boys threw ball with dad in the yard at twilight while we watched the fire flies sparkle.

Monday, June 15

Vintage Source

On Saturday, Toni (MIL) and I left early to snatch up the best shabby-chic style finds at the adorable Vintage Source, approximatley .5 miles from the Heimers (my FIL and other MIL) and about .25 miles from our Compton Post Office (which is about 1.5 miles from our place!)
I love the Vintage Source and scored a great re-finished classic stool that lets little Dane eat "belly-up" to the table! They had so many great finds the sweaty palm feeling began to came over me and I simply had to pace myself and make my purchase quickly. I know that feeling... I could've done some major damage in that place!

Name this Quote

We are adjusting to a little less Justin. It is nice to be wanted and my hubby is just that lately. His lessons book is quite full and we are adjusting to our new schedule, appreciating the weekends with dad even more. This weekend we had a little fun with a few Maryland Classics... seaside living, crabs and outdoor play!

"Crabcakes and Football... that's what Maryland does!" - name that quote... Anybody? ...

Friday, June 12

Go Here

A new mom friend told me about this GREAT SITE, Fly Lady. I suppose this site wouldn't have been so useful to me before now. But trying to feel "normal" and productive in my new role as CEO (of the crazy house) it really has helped me form a routine and put into perspective what I should be accomplishing in a day. For some reason, I thought I would have finished 3 scrapbooks, sewn 4 new dresses, and organized a new fundraiser now that I do not have a job to report to every day- HAAAA - I can hear the non "working" moms across the land laughing right now!

Thursday, June 11

a girl about town

My children (for the most part) are adorable angels of the earth and our summer home is also gorgeous. We are certainly enjoying the quality time and the simpler things in life, while dad enjoys teaching and sharing his enthusiasm for golf. While it is taking some getting used to, life is movin at a little slower pace here in St. Mary's County.

The Breton Bay Pool is the total social scene for kids ages 7 to 14. It is a huge pool with a high dive that Jackson has mastered (last summer he just couldn't get up the nerve). The kiddie pool is separate with it's own enclosure. This is a great place to meet new moms and I can enjoy a little R&R while Dane interacts with other little ones.

deer grazing after a thunder storm right down the street

non "working" mother is no walk in the park!

but I am swinging it!
Enjoyed a little play time at the Breton Bay Pier

have been reminded just what work being a stay at home mommy is! More work than I have ever accomplished in one day! Keeping these boys entertained, feed, somewhat groomed all without loosing my sanity all together is a CHORE - so hats off to all you moms who do not "work" - which is the oxymoron of the century! I have my little office all set up and am conducting my loan business from home which means I can often be found literally hopping on one foot while holding the door closed with the other while the wild indians demand my attention and whine on the other side. Why does it seem as though they are occupied for 5 minutes until I get on the phone with a client?!

Summer Adventure Passport

I am so impressed with the St. Mary's County library. After our first visit last week and recieving our new library cards, we were thrilled to learn all about the summer reading programs where bothe Jackson (7) and Dane (2) will recieve credits and in turn, prizes after so many books read. They were also issued the summer Adventure Passport that is a scavenger hunt type card that will also help mommy become more familiar with this adorable small town!

Wednesday, June 10

work in progress

My new office is almost fully functional. I can get quiet a bit done during naptime!

Wednesday, June 3

You've Got Mail

After purchasing our Post Office Box online prior to departure, we were elated when we learned that our mailing address would now be P.O. Box #1!!! Yep, it is true! I of course knew this meant that either the orginal owner may have passed away, or that we just landed 1 of maybe 20 boxes in a very small Post Office (of a very small waterman town). As you can see, the latter was true. We did have some mail and the boys each recieved a hug and a sticker from the P.O. lady!

Summer has arrived, & so have the Heimers!

What a view! Just steps aways from a gorgeous pond and just through the woods (an adorable trail that crossed over a creek) is the 16th Hole of Breton Bay Golf & Country Club.

A fun 3 day journey to our summer time destination was exciting to say the least. The "are we there yets" and "mom, the movie is over" proclamations were exhausting, but the boys were troopers and we enjoyed some quality time, making summer plans, journaling, singing, and yes, even blogging. I am certain that NASA has our car on their radar for the over use of radio actives waves and satilite signals in use. With cords and adapters for everything from the laptop to the DVD player, wireless card and chargers of every sort, the towers literally leaned as we passed by. We are so excited about a fun summer ahead and so grateful to Justin's mom and our Noni for giving us use of her house for the summer. We arrived to our beautiful summer abode on Sunday, ready to unload and settle in!

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