Monday, June 15

Vintage Source

On Saturday, Toni (MIL) and I left early to snatch up the best shabby-chic style finds at the adorable Vintage Source, approximatley .5 miles from the Heimers (my FIL and other MIL) and about .25 miles from our Compton Post Office (which is about 1.5 miles from our place!)
I love the Vintage Source and scored a great re-finished classic stool that lets little Dane eat "belly-up" to the table! They had so many great finds the sweaty palm feeling began to came over me and I simply had to pace myself and make my purchase quickly. I know that feeling... I could've done some major damage in that place!


MommaGwen said...

You're my hero! I've lived in Calvert county for 4+ years now and I've yet to stumble across this place. July can't get here soon enough!

Leslie said...

Hi MommaGwen! I would love tojoin you!! It is such a find, and the prices are so reasonable!!

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