Thursday, February 2

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • A six-point parking job while your boss waits (patiently) so that the two of you can walk into the meeting you are approx 5 minutes late for.
  • Wearing fur and wool one day and 67 degrees the next
  • Explaining to the Nanny that you absolutely knew the 4th grade report on Lord Calvert was due the next day, regardless of how unprepared it looks.  And regardless that it was Monday and you had all weekend to work on it. 
  • Knowing that same Nanny was a huge help on Saturday night when you and the husband decided a date night was a good idea ....yeah, no time for school reports.
  • Emceeing the Armed Forces Interoperability Symposium calm, cool, and collected with spray paint from the Maryland history costume all over my hands. 
  • A speedo at the Polar Plunge this weekend #skrinkage
  • Asking my husband if we could have a commercial previewing party this weekend...crickets. 
  • My husband's 'fun-loving' buddy hacking my Facebook and posting the lyrics "Sardines...hey...and Pork and Beans" . #stepawayfromthesmartphone  
  • Using hash tags in your blog posts
  • Making costumes for my kids and work on school projects together... this is the closest thing this boy mom gets to playing dress up  :-) 
  • Raising awareness and much needed funds for the local soup kitchen at our 2nd Polar Plunge in the Bay
  • A well received ice-breaker at the podium in front of 200 IT Engineers. "Hope you all enjoyed your lunch and had a chance to discuss your picks for this weekend's big Baseball Championship" -yeah, I love sports too
  • A long chat with my baby sister on Saturday. Love her.
  • Cleaning and organizing the (family) iPad that has way too many kids games. 
  • Cool new app for fashion lovers and husbands everywhere:  Tie Right 
Lord Calvert 

Wool and Fur

That's a wrap

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