Thursday, May 29

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation is tomorrow, at Grace Lutheran School. Jackson will officially be at "the big school". Isn't is amazing how much they learn in one year. He literally learned to read and write, count by multiples, add and subtract, count currency, can name most of the states, every dinosaur and most importantlty can say The Lord's Prayer, and knows over 22 scriptures by heart (even knows the book and verse). We are so proud of him and I know I will be completly sobbing tomorrow during his graduation program.

Tuesday, May 27

**Memorial Day Weekend - Summer is Official**

Lemonade Stand - before
What a beautiful weekend to introduce summer. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend ringing in all the fun and excitement of the summer weather. The Youth Villa Golf Tournament, working in the yard, planting some annuals, and Jackson and I had our first new spriggs in our garden from the sunflowers, (if you are thinking of doing any gardening with your kids - these sprout up in less than a week it was very exciting! Our organic tomoatoes havent sprouted and it's been over a month- not so fun for an impatient 6 yr old). On Saturday, Jackson had a friend over to play, also named Jackson, and we decided to make a lemonade stand. A neighborhood visit from the ice cream truck, found the Jackson's with too little $$ for 2 cones. These little entreprenuer's bartered the ice cream lady, for 2 cups of lemonade for a fair trade on a tasty treat. The boys quickly realized the *cost of living* had gone up and they needed to make more money, in case she frequented our neighborhood again! We enjoyed Jackson Morris and enjoyed BBQing with Wendy & Bret, (even though it was "mystery meat") later that afternoon.
Lemonade Stand - after

Saturday, May 24

The Vines Wine Bar & Grill

Justin and I enjoyed a lovely dinner in wonderful company and an awesome live jazz band last night. Friend (and albiet justin's idol) Dewey Tomko and his wife Marianella invited us to a dinner party at their delicious Orlando resturant last night. We joined 3 other couples and the service was superb. I had the most delicious salmon and the wine list had my very favorite wine. You can imagine my delight when they brought out a bottle of 2005 Conondrum... ahh heaven! For the final course Mr. Tomko ordered his favorite selection of desserts (which aren't on the menu) and I simply had to have a bite (despite my no carb efforts), and I can't say I regret it! The company was even better, Marianella introduced me to a cold pearl saki that we both enjoyed! Of course, the ladies chatted it up all night, to our husband's astonishment. Isn't that the great thing about being a girl? - you can always find some common thread with other women and enjoy interesting conversation, always learning something new. Thank you Dewey and Marianella for your generous hospitality and a perfect night out! Can't wait until the Blue Martini! Marianella, I think they have a saki one!!

The Heat is On...

In the 45th Annual Youth Villa Classic. If practice makes perfect, then Justin will certainly shoot a perfect score in today's 1st of the 3 rounds. Unfortunatly, par may not be enough to beat this stacked feild of contenters according to this morning's write up in The Ledger. See full story...

Wednesday, May 21

LRYCC Tennis Team headed to Regionals

I had to send a *shout out* to my tennis sisters! We did it guys, we are going to Regionals! Congratulations to our very "young" team earned our way to Daytona and the USTA Regional match. Those seasoned 2.5's couldn't hold us down!! Four of our team members featured here after a humid tough morning of drills this week! Watch out ladies, here comes the slammer jammer...
For those of you who would love to come along and cheer us on, we will be in Daytona July 11-13. Should be just peachy weather for tennis! lol

Tuesday, May 20

My boys and I are featured in the Newspaper!

For those of your who haven't get gotten a chance to "lurk" around on the Polk Moms site (, you could be missing out. This site is managed by a Polk County native, and mother of four Shawn Arnold. The site is a virtual "park bench" for all moms and an excellent resource for mothering at every stage and every age. I have known Mrs. Arnold for quite sometime and her nuturing spirit and energy bring so much to the venue. I have enjoyed being part of the polk moms community forum. A friend recently phoned to tell me that the boys and I were in the newspaper. The Polk Voice recently did a large Mother's Day Celebration spread (pulling from polk moms) and I was so excited to show the boys a their picture in the paper. Thank you polk moms for the information and community connections. (**By popular demand, LOL - thanks Aunt Shawn, here is the picture that was featured in Polk Voice)

Monday, May 19

Barbara Center for Dance Recital

I enjoyed a little theatre this weekend, when I attended my neice Alyssa's (Lesli C's daughter, suedo-niece) dance recital. The program was very entertaining with well choregraphed routines and energetic performances that took us "Around the World". With a dancer's spirit, i was overcome by the urge to jump on the stage and join in, but I did contain myself (slightly anyway). However, concluded that I simply must have a little girl all my own so she can live out my dreams of dancing on Broadway, but that's for an entirely different blog post- haha. Aunt Leslie is so proud of you Alyssa, what a beautiful dancer you've become and you totally nailed your routines. Congratulations on becoming a "Dazzler" as well! And congratulations to all my girlfriends' daughters who performed this weekend... and yes - i am very jealous and convincing Justin (slowly but surely) that Jackson CAN dance while maintaining his masculinity :-)

JLGWH Spring Banquet & Presidential Inaguration

My P/E and friend to the "nth" Wendy Morris -

Tuesday, May 13th marks the official beginning of my Presidency of the Junior League of Greater Winter Haven. Such an honor to serve my community and my League in this position, and I am so looking forward to the upcoming year and our Leadership Retreat in June. A big thank you to my JL sisters and the 2008-2009 Board of Directors. You are all *superheros* and I look forward to changing the world, one woman at a time!

(be sure to note my Spanx peaking out in photo B- this was an intentional endorsement, of course, as we all know the JL is the biggest promoter of the Spanx brand, with $5 of every purchase going to the League of your choice in the designated month!) hee hee

Justin and Mr. President Elect, Bret Morris... up to something!

Sunday, May 11

Birmingham Mini Vacay

Our first visit to Birmingham for a Mother's Day mini vacation, while Justin plays in the Greystone Invitational. We enjoyed the live scoring and close proximity to the golf course. (We also enjoyed that everyone else could log in to see the score and the savings on our cell phone bill!) Thank you to Tim Hill and family for the wonderful accomodations, we enjoyed the condo, the club and the wheels! The boys and I enjoyed the park and shopping at The Summitt while Dad plugged away at the challenging Greystone Legacy course. Congrats to our very own Tiger finishing in the top 25 after 3 rounds of blustery golf against some of the country's best. After the final round on Sunday, we enjoyed a laid back Mother's Day shopping and grazing with the boys. While we secured reservations at The Cheescake Factory, we opted out at the last minute agreeing that a chic flick, shared sub and a bottle of wine, was way more appealing than attempting to stiffle the kids at yet another dinner out! During our stay we most enjoyed the Greystone Country Club pool, The Superior Grill, Saks at the Summitt, and of course, the drive through Starbucks.

Friday, May 9

The Bad News Bears come in 3rd Place

Great job team! We are so proud of bog boys and your season. You have become wonderful "ball players" (see how my lingo has improved coach Mike?!) And a big thank you to our awesome coaches. Managing our wild indians can be a difficult (and rewarding) task and each of you have given them something special... A love of the sport, the concept of "team" and the solid techniques that will continue to shape their abilities throughout their ball careers (Jackson promises to mention each of you during his acceptance speech into the Baseball Hall of Fame! hahaha). Coach Justin, Coach Billy, Coach Mike, Coach Alan, and Coach Devon. Thanks guys! Go Premier!

Sunday, May 4

Second Polk County Major - Cleveland Heights 4Ball

Justin and Billy came in 5th place yesterday (out of 160 teams) after a long and grueling second day. The guys played so well in their first 4Ball tourny at Cleveland Heights, with one awesome, once-in-a-lifetime shot. After overshooting the green, Billy ball ended up in the woods! Billy came back with a brilliant shot chipping it in the hole from the rough. It was almost a hole in one. Way to go guys, we still love ya! 5/5/08

Cleveland Heights 4-Ball first round found Justin and partner Billy Cusic with a score of a 66. The leaders, after yesterday's first round, are Radocha and Heirs who posted a 65. -Only one stroke back, Justin and Billy tee off at 1:14 today in the final group. Click on the link below, for The Ledger's coverage, and check out Justin's brilliant (if i do say so myself!) wedge shot and the other highlights of yesterday's second Polk County major. (L to R Justin, Richard Radocha, Billy Cusic)

Keep your fingers crossed for our champ in today's final round!

Thursday, May 1

My Big Boy's First Tooth

Jackson's wiggly tooth finally came out today during school. He was so excited and couldnt wait to run to the car and show me! His teach had it nicely tucked away for his pillow and tonight's visit from the Tooth Fairy. I cannot believe that my big boy has lost his first tooth, he is officially no longer a toddler! Yes mom. I know he hasnt been for year, but I still use baby shampoo and wash his clothes in Dreft! I guess it is time for me to let him grow up a little. Wow, what mommies go through when their hearts break with a little bit of sadness in watching their babies grow and almost burst with the joy of watching them grow into wonderful little people.

100 Holes of Golf Challenge

My angel hubby was up before the sun this morning for the Third Annual 100 Holes of Golf Challenge, benefiting the Winter Haven Stroke Center. I recieved a text at around 9:30 and he had already finished the first 18! We are talking a lot of golf, all before an extravagant cocktail party to finish the day that includes hand rolled cigars, lobster, fireworks and a live jazz band. I am looking forward to tonight and hope that Justin (and for those of you who know justin!) will be ready for his second wind on the dance floor. Good Luck today honey!

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