Monday, May 19

Barbara Center for Dance Recital

I enjoyed a little theatre this weekend, when I attended my neice Alyssa's (Lesli C's daughter, suedo-niece) dance recital. The program was very entertaining with well choregraphed routines and energetic performances that took us "Around the World". With a dancer's spirit, i was overcome by the urge to jump on the stage and join in, but I did contain myself (slightly anyway). However, concluded that I simply must have a little girl all my own so she can live out my dreams of dancing on Broadway, but that's for an entirely different blog post- haha. Aunt Leslie is so proud of you Alyssa, what a beautiful dancer you've become and you totally nailed your routines. Congratulations on becoming a "Dazzler" as well! And congratulations to all my girlfriends' daughters who performed this weekend... and yes - i am very jealous and convincing Justin (slowly but surely) that Jackson CAN dance while maintaining his masculinity :-)

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