Thursday, September 24

Wolf Cub Scout Pack 420!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry It's official, Jackson is a cub Scout and learning all about those character traits and activities that are vital to a young man's development! Mom is loving the patches/badges and "accessories" that he is working toward. I can't to sew them all on!

Sunday, September 20

New Home Nesting


After our huge moving sale in Florida before we left, we did our best to streamline our packing and moving expenses by consolidating most of our big furntiure. Our Mediterrainian home in FL is a completely different style than our sprawling ranch home built in the 80's. It is much homier, and casual with a funky vibe including hardwoods, 3 levels and lots of room needing funtiure and TLC. Wanting a little less traditional look in this home, I am workin in a little vintage-french-cottage decor and found these great mirrors at a yard sale. I painted them and love love! I also adore this fun chalk board in frame and it it very handy for honey-do lists! Picked this up from my creative friends at Vintage Source last weekend.
If you are in the nesting mode, I am re-reading a great book with the best tips and tricks that a girlfriend gave me before we moved. It is just dahhling appropriately entitled Nesting: It's a Chick Thing

Friday, September 18

Office "Perks"

I LOVE, LOVE the Flavia machine at my office, it is to die! All the yummy flavors coffees, lattes, even wellness teas which are perfect for the 3 o clock stretch! There are over 20 choices from which to chose in the kitchen's neatly organized little cubbies. This Japanese Green Tea is my "FAVE FLAV"!

Monday, September 14

Today's Special

even in a recession, folks need their swing adjusted!

After this month, I may neversee the hubbs again. His phone has been ringing off the hook!

Wednesday, September 9

The Compound

We live in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) called Breton Bay. We have come to kindly refer to our therein, as "the compound". Our home is oversized and old and has an enormous backyard. Cell phone service doesn't quite connect once you reach this area at "the bottom of the hill", Deer and rabits are so common that they are almost a nusance (to some, not yet us!) and all the hustle and bustle outside of Breton Bay seems to fade right about the time I am nearing the Heimer compound. Just as you pass the BB golf course (about 500 yards from our house), at the top of the hill, you can see a full view of the water, and it is simply breathtaking. As the sun begins to set a little earlier, I caught a glimpse of the sunset on my way home today. I am beginning to appreciate our new nest!

...did I mention that Justin drives a golf cart to work!?

Monday, September 7

"Shark Attack"

(not the ones by cape cod) but on my floors! This house is all hardwoods and tile and the cleaning is exhausting (insert shout out to Gran Nan here!) My MIL has been telling me about this new steamer/mop and recently got one. I borrowed it today to test it out and can't stop cleaning my floors! I know! It's steaming power and lightweight and easy to manuever design had me zipping all over the house. The Shark requires no chemicals or products - just think of the savings and it is only around $100 bucks! Environmentally friendly and so easy to use, Jackson volunteered to add shark time (aka mopping) to his chore list!

Sunday, September 6

Look Out Corporate America!

The bliss of summer and enjoying the carefree days with my boys was nearing, and with our permanent transition North it was time for me to get serious about finding a job. Because I am the type that pours my heart and soul into my work, I have been pretty selective about my next career step. I wanted something that allowed me to be creative, was secure, and that had no glass ceiling where I could again feed my competitive spirit and set goals to strive for. I miss Premier terribly, but realize that the relaxed, family atmosphere of my family's company probably couldn't be duplicated 45 minutes outside of DC.

Last week I recieved a call from a recuiter and was thrilled post-interview when I was offered a position at ManTech (MSEC) as a Marketing Consultant, on a government contract software project. After 2 days with my new company, I am already learning so much and have started to get settled into my cubicle!

It is official. I am a working mom again. I was teary the entire first day and very anxious about leaving Dane all day. Isn't it weird how quickly humans can adapt to change? I was getting settled in our new home and submersed myself into decorating each room and organizing the kitchen, and potty training our little guy. Within a few days I was pressing my suits and organizing my LV breifcase to head to the office!

Friday, September 4

The Divorce Open

The Divorce Open was this past weekend at Breton Bay and we had a blast! Eighteen holes of alternate shot coupled with a Heimer vs. Heimer round with the in-laws and jello shooters on the beverage cart equals lots of hits and giggles!

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