Monday, September 7

"Shark Attack"

(not the ones by cape cod) but on my floors! This house is all hardwoods and tile and the cleaning is exhausting (insert shout out to Gran Nan here!) My MIL has been telling me about this new steamer/mop and recently got one. I borrowed it today to test it out and can't stop cleaning my floors! I know! It's steaming power and lightweight and easy to manuever design had me zipping all over the house. The Shark requires no chemicals or products - just think of the savings and it is only around $100 bucks! Environmentally friendly and so easy to use, Jackson volunteered to add shark time (aka mopping) to his chore list!


jackstar said...

I turned her on to this. It's my obsession.

Leslie said...

YOU so Did Les, and Toni too! Actually, you should be getting royalties from corporate or at least a commission!

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