Sunday, September 6

Look Out Corporate America!

The bliss of summer and enjoying the carefree days with my boys was nearing, and with our permanent transition North it was time for me to get serious about finding a job. Because I am the type that pours my heart and soul into my work, I have been pretty selective about my next career step. I wanted something that allowed me to be creative, was secure, and that had no glass ceiling where I could again feed my competitive spirit and set goals to strive for. I miss Premier terribly, but realize that the relaxed, family atmosphere of my family's company probably couldn't be duplicated 45 minutes outside of DC.

Last week I recieved a call from a recuiter and was thrilled post-interview when I was offered a position at ManTech (MSEC) as a Marketing Consultant, on a government contract software project. After 2 days with my new company, I am already learning so much and have started to get settled into my cubicle!

It is official. I am a working mom again. I was teary the entire first day and very anxious about leaving Dane all day. Isn't it weird how quickly humans can adapt to change? I was getting settled in our new home and submersed myself into decorating each room and organizing the kitchen, and potty training our little guy. Within a few days I was pressing my suits and organizing my LV breifcase to head to the office!

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