Monday, April 16

What a beautiful Easter we had with the family. I am so blessed that my husband's family is so wonderful and help make holidays so special, even when my parents are hundreds of miles away.  These special holidays make me so proud of the religious education we have been fortunate enough to give our children. Both of my boys understand what we are celebrating on Easter and all the sacrifices He made so that our sins were forgiven.  Jackson's full on committal to Lent this season was also quite celebration on Thursday...bring on the cheese!

Saturday, April 14

Double Digits Scaventure

We wished a very happy 10th birthday to my sweet angel boy, Jackson.  The older the boys get, the more tricky their parties become in terms, of entertainment.  Luckily, my husband and I are pros!  We organized a "Scaventure" birthday party with 10 boys.  A sleep over with a scavenger hunt adventure (aka "scaventure") in and around our house, in the woods, in the neighborhood, on the golf course. It was histerical and the teams had a blast! The double digits is are a milestone and I could not be more proud or more in love with my littlest angel.

Friday, April 6

Easter Prepping

photo courtesy of Just So Lovely 

I've fallen victim once again to the unattainable creative perfection of Pinterest. The buffet of ideas for this weekend's  Easter dinner has made the family's celebration even more delicious. Found this lovely idea from Lizette and plan to recreate for my table. 

Photo courtesy of Crystal Eats

Special thanks to my sweet friend over at Crystal Eats for lending her ware so that my table setting for 18, will be complete. She also dished some gluten free recipes options that will leave my family clucking well past brunch! Can't wait to try the almond pâté for my vegan guests. 

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