Thursday, July 28

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Well this pretty much takes care of the Awkward wouldn't you say?
I love these shoes...I do not love that my feet  slide out revealing the fingerling toes! I suppose I will have to retire them after a 3 year love affair.

[I should get extra credit for this post wouldn't you say?  What fun is a personal style blog if you can't poke a little fun at yourself!]

- Girlfriends who send you gorgeously tailored suits after leaving corporate America
- The husband taking a much needed day off to take our oldest to Kings Dominion for a little roller coaster day with Dad!
- The Ballard Design cheetah lamps in my office - they make me, and the stuff-shirt-IT-Engineers-that-don't-really-get-us="marketing types"- smile
- A short cross-country chat with my amazing sister working so hard during her residency

Sunday, July 24

Who Wore it Best

I love this little target sundress that I bought years ago. The problem is, it gives me major chicken nuggets. [chickn'  nugg-ette; the chunk of flesh that sometimes appears in the crease of your arm pit and your chest). 

This ad spotted it in Parents magazine recently, actually made me feel a little better about my body, so I had to to share!!

PS- another trick of the trade - I cut the straps of to help minimize nugget exposure =)

pictured with my gorgeous friend *L, (Folks have said we look like sisters, such a compliment... I would obviously be the oldest :-)

Wednesday, July 20

We're Kourting

Just call me 'Kourt" (as in Kourtney Kardashian).  I fell in love with her Tom Ford shades and had to splurge on a pair for myself. Luckily I found them at Overstock for a fraction of the price.

Tuesday, July 19

Gotcha Covered

I found the most fab retro Amy Butler inspired fabric, perfect compliment to my new room.  Re-energizing this wicker chair (that we moved all the way from my mom's in FL) was easy. I just covered the cushions using the old covers as a pattern.  What do you think?


Wednesday, July 13

5 Things

inspired by emily's adorable blog, here are 5 things I am [kind of] obsessed with at the moment. in no specific order...

#1. Insalata Caprese 
(yes, i married into a family of Italians) 
For the many BBQ's and poolside parties filling up our social calendar lately, this is my go-to dish. Perfect to please the host's pallette and the table. This summer classic is delicious and offers a beautiful display. (Psst. secret ingredient: the freshest mozerella).

#2 Coastal Living Magazine
Clipping ideas and swatching colors, the Coastal Living magazine and website pretty much single handedly inspired my living room makeover. (outcome soon).
#3. This Guy
Obviously this obsession is not seasonal, but I have been so enjoying watching him live it up this summer. He is having a blast with his brother, friends, swim lessons, camps, and ice cream trucks (can you tell which color is his favorite?)

#4)  Talbots Blazer
Cool mint cotton with 3/4 length sleeves and ruffle collar detail, it is a perfect way to suit up for the office in the blazing 95 degree weather!

#5) Poolside Saturdays
Our neighborhood pool is complete with locker rooms, snack bar, high dive, music, lifeguards, and plenty of comfy lounge chairs!  My girlfriends and I love to load up the kiddos and spend the afternoon gabbing away while watching the kids play.  I keep this LL Bean tote loaded with sunscreen, pool toys, mags, and towels in the foyer pretty much all summer so we are always prepared for the water with friends.  Notice the Black Box? Yep, this crisp Pino is also summer staple in the pool bag! 

Sunday, July 10

While You Were Out

With the hubby gone, I am diving in and redecorating my living room and foyer.  Sometimes the most difficult part of this effort is refining your pallette and style.  Will it to flow with the other rooms? Will it be versatile enough? Will it survive my 2 boys??  After consulting with my favorite interior designer and a lot of storyboarding, the plan was set into motion! The painter starts today with the color I (finally) selected, Ice Rink Blue.

Here are a few pictures that inspired my project.  Stay tuned for the before and after post... and the hubby's reaction to my 'While You Were Out' surprise! 

Thursday, July 7

Ms. Independent

I love the 4th of July and no, not just for my adorable flag bag (although accessories no doubt enhance holiday celebrations). Like man of us it is a holiday that you enjoy a little more quality time with the family, ,fresh summer veggies, the pool, and most importantly those 3 colors that signify our independence and patriotism for the great U.S.A. cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away...

Wednesday, July 6

Kiss & Make Up

What's in your drawer? 
Me...well, it's a mixed bag.

for work days 
Estee Lauder Double Wear: Creamy Ivory
Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil: blonde
Too Faced smokey eye shadow collection
Clinic Super Double Face Powder: matte beige 
Smashbox Eye Beam double ended brightener: white

for beach days
Mary Kay tinted moisturizer with 20 SPF
Benefit waterproof black-brown mascara

for weekend days
Bare Escentuals mineral veil
Bare Escentuals bronzer
NARS lip gloss in Giza (nectar)
Benefit waterproof black-brown mascara

Saturday, July 2

This Moment

It is summer time and it seems that we are busier than ever.  Today my own gentle mother reminded me (after a lengthy venting rant about the errands, mom-taxiing, housework, etc) that these hectic times will pass all too soon and my sweet baby angel boys will be teenagers and grow up before I know it. No more needing Mommy, a sippy cup, or a clean uniform for the next baseball game. 
My little boys are growing up so very fast and I am constantly reminding myself to be there with them in every moment.  So today, I want to capture those things I love most about them at this very moment.

My Jackson

  1. Your crooked smirk when you are playing a funny trick on Mommy, or have a fake spider behind your back - that hilarious face when you cannot hide that you are about to burst into laughter.
  2. Your beautiful freckles that sprinkle across the bridge of your nose.  You show Mommy every time you discover a new one, so that we can name it.
  3. The little explorer that you are. Interested in learning new things about nature, animals, and the unusual creature (real and imaginary) that live in the woods behind our house.
  4. The special language that you have with your little brother, when no one is listening. You always take the time to explain things and share with him. You never let your friends exclude him, you always let him watch his cartoons, and push him on the scooter. You are the kindest most loving big brother.
  5. The excited energy you have spilling out of your ears. Sometimes, so much that you literally just stand up unexpectedly and yell jumping and hopping. 
  6. Your need to tell Mommy every single thing about your day. I love that you want to share each experience with me, because I miss you so much when I am away. You are so talkative and outgoing, like a clear spring, just spilling over  (you get this from your Aunt Weeble)
  7. That you show me your stubby little toes everyday and say "look mom, I have athlete's foot, that means I am an athlete right"?  you are an athlete. you do not have a fungus. 
  8. Your sleepy morning face that still instinctively wraps your arms and legs around me the way you have done since you were a toddler.
  9. When you ask me to scratch your back at night and say "mommy lets cuddle".  P.S. please let your future wife know that I will be cuddling with you in mommy's bed until you turn 36.
  10. Your shaggy hair in your eyes that so desperately needs a haircut. But it is so shiny and beautiful, I love how it lightens in the summer,so I refuse (regardless what dad says). 
  11. The way you express yourself with pictures and words. The thoughtful loving notes that you write to your Justin is something that I will cherish forever son. 
My Dane
  1. The way you run everywhere you go. You wake up in the middle of the night and I can hear your little feet pitter patter quickly down the hall.  Then the jarring sound of the toilet bowl slamming down and I know you just went potty. Then you scurry back to bed. (you were so easy to potty train - i love that too!)
  2. Your silly little phrases like "what the pickle" and "oh barnacles" - no doubt from knowing every Spongebob episode by heart. When you sing the theme song right along with each episode I just giggle. 
  3. The way that no matter when I drop you off, or for how long, when I walk in the room you come screaming "Mommeeee" and running towards me with your arms open, leaping at into mine.  
  4. Your sweet toothy smile. You are always smiling. Even when you are pretending to cross your arms and put on a pouty face (because Mommy will not let you have any more M&M's) I can always just smile at you for a moment, and you simply cannot hold all of that beautiful sunshine in.
  5. When you jam out with Mommy and Bubba in the car to the 80's station turned way up. You have the most adorable wild moves that we roll down the windows and all belt out the words to the songs in sheer bliss. You have always had a lot of rhythm - even when you were a baby you swayed perfectly to the music - I hope you will always love to dance.
  6. How much you love your Daddy. You are a Daddy's boy and have lately learned that I, am in fact, a girl.  As pronounced "gurl-lul".  Gurl-lul's apparently can't ride on the golf cart with Daddy, Bubba, and Dane sometimes. That's ok my angel, I totally get it. 
  7. Your little blonde curls. I have always been totally obsessed with your gorgeous wavy hair. You are absolutely the cutest baby and most picture perfect toddler ever. Your big brown eyes, sweet pink lips, and messy unruly hair just melt my heart (and I can never leave you in time out as long as I should)
  8. Your dramatic displays (you get this from me). You are full of movement and expression, happy, sad, excited, angry, loving - you communicate your emotions so well with your whole self. Whether it is temper tantrum or sitting beside Mommy on the couch gently rubbing my back with your tiny little hand.  That is a blessing my boy. 
  9. When you say that "bubba is my best fwend".  You and your big brother live in this magical little world of forts, and play houses, and secret games that you made up all by yourselves.  "High-ya" is one of those said games. Daddy and I aren't really sure what it is, but you both jump around a lot and sometimes one of you gets hurt.
  10. That you always want to be on Mommy. You like to be close to me, or sit in my lap, or lay beside me with one leg hiked over.  You are a snuggly little bear. 
  11. Even at your tender age, your caring spirit and big heart is sad if Bubba gets in trouble (even though 3 minutes prior you eagerly told me about his bad choice). You beg Mommy to not be angry with him. You are a protector. (you get that from Daddy)

Friday, July 1

Ohhh, Oh, those summer nights

A lovely summer evening, this past Friday night we hosted a party to kick off the annual Southern Maryland Amatuer weekend. Typically a weekend long party, it is always an adventure to say the least!

 I find myself constantly repeating the same affirmations in my head that goes something like this "it's only once a year, my husband's college buddies are overgrown boys, but good boys non the less. I can deal right? It is only 48 hours" We all survived, and it was a legenday weekend (from what I can remember!)

Here are a few tricks I thought I'd share for the upcoming holiday weekend. Some ideas from my Summer Soiree.

 Target always has some great summer party gear!

We live off the fairway of hole # 16 of Breton Bay Golf & County Club. I had this adorable sign made at DnG Kustom signs for our trail from the fairway! (the husband was proud!)

We pre-made a few signature drinks and offered plenty of beer and wine.  An open bar can be a budget buster with this crew.

 We are in love with skinny mohitoes and Firefly's skinny sweet tea vodka (just as good as regular sweet tea vodka but with diet sweet tea)

Our house sits adjacent to a lake and backs up to a wooded lot. The mosquitoe issue was one I researched intensly in preparation for the shin-dig.  I made some interesting discoveries!

Garlic keeps vampires and mosquitoes away! An organic repellent (chemicals on my kids makes me a little nut-so) we sprinkled garlic granules over the lawn before the party started.  In the front yard we used the Off Power Pad faux latern, this baby works like magic. It is attractive and sublte (no bug zip and zaps). We also used solar powered tiki torches in the back for the kids area, these are safer and effective than the oil burning variety. Everyone was comfortable throughout the night.

We set up a water slide/bouncy house for the kiddos, who took a quick break for turkey dogs on a stick (fun and easy!) It is all about the lighting for an evening party. We added votives to mason jars and made candle chandeliers thanks to a little inspiration from Martha Stewart 

A few of our lovely guest and friends!

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