Friday, July 1

Ohhh, Oh, those summer nights

A lovely summer evening, this past Friday night we hosted a party to kick off the annual Southern Maryland Amatuer weekend. Typically a weekend long party, it is always an adventure to say the least!

 I find myself constantly repeating the same affirmations in my head that goes something like this "it's only once a year, my husband's college buddies are overgrown boys, but good boys non the less. I can deal right? It is only 48 hours" We all survived, and it was a legenday weekend (from what I can remember!)

Here are a few tricks I thought I'd share for the upcoming holiday weekend. Some ideas from my Summer Soiree.

 Target always has some great summer party gear!

We live off the fairway of hole # 16 of Breton Bay Golf & County Club. I had this adorable sign made at DnG Kustom signs for our trail from the fairway! (the husband was proud!)

We pre-made a few signature drinks and offered plenty of beer and wine.  An open bar can be a budget buster with this crew.

 We are in love with skinny mohitoes and Firefly's skinny sweet tea vodka (just as good as regular sweet tea vodka but with diet sweet tea)

Our house sits adjacent to a lake and backs up to a wooded lot. The mosquitoe issue was one I researched intensly in preparation for the shin-dig.  I made some interesting discoveries!

Garlic keeps vampires and mosquitoes away! An organic repellent (chemicals on my kids makes me a little nut-so) we sprinkled garlic granules over the lawn before the party started.  In the front yard we used the Off Power Pad faux latern, this baby works like magic. It is attractive and sublte (no bug zip and zaps). We also used solar powered tiki torches in the back for the kids area, these are safer and effective than the oil burning variety. Everyone was comfortable throughout the night.

We set up a water slide/bouncy house for the kiddos, who took a quick break for turkey dogs on a stick (fun and easy!) It is all about the lighting for an evening party. We added votives to mason jars and made candle chandeliers thanks to a little inspiration from Martha Stewart 

A few of our lovely guest and friends!

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