Thursday, December 22

Company Party Do's & Dont's

As an Executive, it is important to maintain a few etiquette essentials in front of co-workers at your company holiday party. Here are a few to keep in mind.  

Dress professionally and bring a guest if appropriate.
The party is an extension of the office and your attire should reflect such.  A guest allows coworkers get to know you a little better, and introduces your guest or spouse to your workplace.

Have one celebratory cocktail, with which to toast, keeping the party light and friendly. 


dance to every 80's song like it's your last night on earth.

perform (what you think is) a choreographed routine to any song on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. 

insist that every guest "come 'on ride that train"

down martini #3 before you're up at karaoke 

sing karaoke. 


and (for God's sake) DO NOT debut your rendition of Sir Mix-A-lot's "Baby Got Back", even if you do know the intro lyrics by heart.  No one at your company knows who Becky is. 

Monday, December 19


My pick for the 2011 Holiday Cocktail? 
The Peppermint Patty 

1 oz. peppermint schnapps
1 oz. créme de cacao
1 oz. light cream
chocolate syrup
crushed candy canes
Add liqueurs to cocktail shaker with ice and mix vigorously. Rim cold martini glass in chocolate syrup and dip in crushed candy canes or peppermint sticks.  

Garnish with a few girlfriends and Enjoy.
Cheers to you and yours this holiday season!

Monday, December 12

Oh Christmas Tee!

2 little boys + golfer traffic on a beautiful day = 1 challenging photo shoot!

Forgive the poor photo quality, I scanned in our actual card. 
Special thanks to the talent and creativity at Suzanne Modlin Design for producing the 2011 Heimer Christmas Card!


Monday, December 5

Tutorial: recyclable Lunch bag

After planning for my son's 5th birthday which included a bagged lunch, I decided that I needed something a little more special for our guests than a regular ol' brown paper bag.  I thought a reuseable bag made for a nice favor for my little guys' preschool aged guests. Here's how it went down (a.k.a the tutorial).

Start with a sturdy felt fabric. Using a color that mocks that of the classic brown bag, makes for a whimsical surprise.

1) Cut into 12" by 14" panels (2 panels = 1 bag).

2) Pair 2 panels together and cut 2 1/5 x 2 1/5 notches out of each side.

3) sew the left, right, and bottom strip. leave the cut outs unsewn.

Optional: using pinking shears cut along of the full end (what will be the top of the bag)

4) Pinch together the cut outs sewing a straight light attaching the corner of your bag.

Repeat on the opposite corner, finishing your bag!

Felt stick on letters like the ones I used here, are easy applied and personalize the bag.  

Enjoy your green, brown lunch bag! 
A great tutorial at Skip to my Lou using oil cloth.

Thursday, December 1

Christmas Trees: Fresh or Faux?

Our first time visiting a live Christmas Tree farm, the family and I enjoyed picking our very own unique tree.  Picturesque setting, the smell of a tall Fir... the only problem is, the tree is so fresh that the branches bend all the way over when hanging even the lightest ornament!?   This working mom likes things efficient glamour when it comes to decorating the tree. I am hoping it will stale (do trees do that?) over the next few days and we can move past the lights phase this weekend... Which kind of tree do you prefer? 

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