Monday, December 5

Tutorial: recyclable Lunch bag

After planning for my son's 5th birthday which included a bagged lunch, I decided that I needed something a little more special for our guests than a regular ol' brown paper bag.  I thought a reuseable bag made for a nice favor for my little guys' preschool aged guests. Here's how it went down (a.k.a the tutorial).

Start with a sturdy felt fabric. Using a color that mocks that of the classic brown bag, makes for a whimsical surprise.

1) Cut into 12" by 14" panels (2 panels = 1 bag).

2) Pair 2 panels together and cut 2 1/5 x 2 1/5 notches out of each side.

3) sew the left, right, and bottom strip. leave the cut outs unsewn.

Optional: using pinking shears cut along of the full end (what will be the top of the bag)

4) Pinch together the cut outs sewing a straight light attaching the corner of your bag.

Repeat on the opposite corner, finishing your bag!

Felt stick on letters like the ones I used here, are easy applied and personalize the bag.  

Enjoy your green, brown lunch bag! 
A great tutorial at Skip to my Lou using oil cloth.


Leslie said...

I love these, they are different and I like the felt letters on them also. If I tried to make them I'd put more felt decorations on them as well :) xo

Leslie said...

What an amazing idea...I am not quite to the lunch bag stage w my lil man who just turned 2..but this is SO perfect for when we do...and reusable this.
First time popping in..defintiely following along...need all the DIY help I can

Leslie said...

This is a good tutorial.
Thanks for sharing. I will try to make a bag like this.

Leslie said...

can't wait to see how yours turn out!

Leslie said...

Two is terrific! such a fun age... it goes by so fast as I am sure you know!  Thanks for stopping by!

Leslie said...

so glad to hear it!  lots of possibilities for sure!!

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