Thursday, December 1

Christmas Trees: Fresh or Faux?

Our first time visiting a live Christmas Tree farm, the family and I enjoyed picking our very own unique tree.  Picturesque setting, the smell of a tall Fir... the only problem is, the tree is so fresh that the branches bend all the way over when hanging even the lightest ornament!?   This working mom likes things efficient glamour when it comes to decorating the tree. I am hoping it will stale (do trees do that?) over the next few days and we can move past the lights phase this weekend... Which kind of tree do you prefer? 

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Leslie said...

Oh, it's an endless debate...sometimes I feel like having a fresh tree is the only thing because it just smells so wonderful and--let's face it--is just so traditional Christmas spirit.  But I'm like you and enjoy my trees when they're symmetrical, evenly decorated, and look really maybe the faux alternative is more up my alley!

Glad I found your blog...I can tell you are loads of fun adn I'm excited to be following you!

<3 Cambria

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