Wednesday, July 22

So this is Ladies night!

Breton Bay's new Teaching Professional, our very own Justin Heimer, recently started a group golf clinic. Ladies Night Out which includes a 45 min golf clinic where each week the ladies work on a different part of their game then enjoy a glass of wine in the clubhouse immediately following! It has become very popular and given me the chance to meet some great women. We had 25 ladies this past Tuesday, and I am just so proud of my hubby. To see him do his job, in his element, is pretty impressive I must say. (I guess trying to make a golfer sit behind a desk in the business world wasn't the best idea- i get it) Kathleen and I headed to the clubhouse after our putting practice!
Playoff for the putting contest (our best ladies golfers take private lessons regularly from my Husband... coincidence? I think not!!)

I did my best for the first few weeks to remain anonymous the first few weeks, as I didn't need any expectations put on my golf game. Let's face it - we all know why I like to play. My round essentials: my hot pink PING bag, plaid and/or argyle, pink oxfords and my skinny girl margarita... this is my kinda sport!

Tuesday, July 21

Just Keep Swimming

I have begun to wonder why our little eater Dane is so enthusiastic about his swim lessons each week. Then I realized a pattern...
Dane is really enjoying his swim lessons with Miss Mary and is doing so well!

It may be the treats that usually follow!

Tuesday, July 14

What's in a blog...

While much of my blog is all about the fluff (which certainly defines me in many ways LOL) my heart is a little heavier today as I realize what our summer in MD has evolved into. Reconnecting with my children (who our fabulous Nanny, Gran-nan, has done a wonderful job raising thus far, I might add!) watching my husband's passion come to fruition, and enjoying a slower pace of life than what has been our reality the past few years. I often referred to the "hamptons" as "re-Hab". Rehab from an all too crazy schedule where my kids were growing up too fast and the days were marked by the next closed deal or meeting. Don't be mistaken - I MISS THOSE DAYS (oh how i miss those days!!) However, all good things must come to an end and with a struggling real estate market, it is perhaps time for a more selfless stint in the biography of Leslie Heimer.
That said - I have been presented with the opportunity for the perfect job for ME! LOL. It seems as though a big decision may be on the horizon, one I have not yet fully pondered as there are many factors to consider. My family back home- will a permanent move to Maryland help my sweet angel mommy, more effectively downsize our baby (a.k.a Premier Home Mortgage) during this critical time where we are working to rebuild cash flow? Or will I miss her so much our hearts won't bear? Do I know who I am without my girlfriends by my side (you know who you are) who have been there through thick and thin and helped me define what I bring to each endeavour? Will my children transition and make new friends easily? Will I be able to survive the cold weather and distance from the beach, being the Florida girl that I am?

In the true spirit of blogging, I have always treated this personal communication as my family's memoirs and a place where I can journal knowing those who care, are my primary subscribers;-)

So, I am putting it out there for my "fans" to be part of the Tiger family's potential transition! I LOVE my house in FL, I LOVE my family and friends in FL (not in that order LOLOL). But there has been an overwhelming peace in being a small fish in a small pond here and getting back to basics just when we needed it most.

I suppose the only constant is change, and it may be time for us to spread our wings a bit. I can start a new career at 28 right?

Monday, July 13

With the right pair of shoes...

I can conquer the world!"
This is the all too true inscription on each of my totally custom notecards!

I simply have the very best girlfriends in the whole world, and miss them so dearly. I got the greatest little package in the mail today with the most ADORABLE, PERFECT personalized note cards in the world. My thoughtful friend, designed them just for me and they are so cute, I am just not even sure I can write on them!! This site is just fabulous! Almost as fabulous as Erin. Thanks E!! I love you and will covet them forever!

Flying Aces

Jadckson has been enjoying his other side of the family and getting to know his 2nd and third cousins. Many in this area are navy or military related and my cousin in law, Rich is a pilot. He indulged Jackson and his cousin on a fun trip in his private plane over the weekend, and needless to say...Jackson's head was in the clouds!

Sunday, July 12

More of the Morris'

We caught some keepers right in off of our very own Breton Bay Pier!

My dear friend, Wendy and her family vacationed along the East Coast and took some time out to visit. We so enjoyed haveing Bret, Wendy, Jackson (yes, two Jacksons can you imagine!?) and sweet baby Emily. We enjoyed a day exploring our Nation's Capital in D.C., Crabbing, Jr. Golf, relaxing by the pool, and even squeezed in a little time to let Bret whoop me on the tennis courts! (j/k B!) It was so nice having them and so great to have my angel friend bring me back to life (as I know/knew it!) With Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, you can imagine how cool it was for the boys to see the real components and characters of the movie come to life. They enjoyed a scavengar hunt throughout the DC Mall finding each stop on the map. "Dum Dum" is pictured here :-)

Saturday, July 11

Bloom where you are planted

One of the (many) things I have come to know and love in MD are the gorgeous hydrangea that adorn the beautiful colonial style homes in this area. I have learned that these plants need a great deal of shade and really can't take the heat, which is why we don't enjoy them naturally in FL.

After a delicious dinner party at our friend's home recently, I was "green" with envy at the French Hydrangea that lined their backyard. My thoughtful friend brougt me a gorgeou bouquet of clippings and I have planted to create my own little Maryland oasis! Thanks M&S!

Friday, July 10

July 4th Camping Trip

I really thought this would work for some reason?

We packed up and headed to the Shenandoah Valley for some soul rejuvenating time with nature. Not always being quite the enthusiastic camper, I had forgotten just what a bonding experience camping can be. When the Heimer's rolled in to Gooney Creek Campground in the Benz with a ton of random gear for a 2 night stay the locals and neighboring campers thought we would never last, but boy were they wrong! We even found a hubcap on the side of the river bank and cooked in it! Now, we are certainly not the Harris' with homemade spears and a fresh catch for dinner, but we did survive a 2 mile hike up the river, ticks and chiggers, and a forgotten air matress (yeah, that was fun)! Mostly, we made memories that the boys will not soon forget.

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