Sunday, July 12

More of the Morris'

We caught some keepers right in off of our very own Breton Bay Pier!

My dear friend, Wendy and her family vacationed along the East Coast and took some time out to visit. We so enjoyed haveing Bret, Wendy, Jackson (yes, two Jacksons can you imagine!?) and sweet baby Emily. We enjoyed a day exploring our Nation's Capital in D.C., Crabbing, Jr. Golf, relaxing by the pool, and even squeezed in a little time to let Bret whoop me on the tennis courts! (j/k B!) It was so nice having them and so great to have my angel friend bring me back to life (as I know/knew it!) With Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, you can imagine how cool it was for the boys to see the real components and characters of the movie come to life. They enjoyed a scavengar hunt throughout the DC Mall finding each stop on the map. "Dum Dum" is pictured here :-)

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