Thursday, November 14

Milestone - Half Marathon

I am going to use this little corner of the world to boast. Indulge me a moment if you will. I finished my very first half marathon, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half. A point to point race from Alexandria to National Harbor, it was an absolutely wonderful experience and flat, scenic route. That's right folks, I set a goal that and achieved it, and it feels so awesome! This year I lost about 20 pounds, increased my distance and ran further than this mama ever thought was possible. So GLAD that is over. Just when I thought I couldn't wait to check that off my bucket list, I find myself already itching for the next one!  Cheers to all the running moms out there. It takes more motivation and discipline than I ever knew I had!

My sweet family was waiting for me at the finish line. My heart almost exploded when my 11 year old (who is usually too cool for his mom) told me how very proud of me he is. He and I have run a few 5K's together, and I think he gets just want 13.1 miles means! 

This has to be a lucky number for my first half, right?!

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