Sunday, August 30

Moved to Tears

MOVING STINKS! Everytime I do it, I vow that it will be the last. However, it must be an occupational hazard of the real estate industry or my incecent need to nestle and decorate, because I have moved over 9 times since I bought my first home at the age of 19. A couple husbands later and a topsy turvy market and I find myself making my first out of state move! And to where? No, not NYC, not LA, not even ATL but Leonardtown!?!!
I cannot dwell - I much closer to NY and only 45 mins from my absolute second most favorite city in the US. D.C. truly is the most inspirational place. We have officially signed the lease option on our new home just "down the hill" and our back yard backs up to the water (Breton Bay which is fed by the Patomic River, which is fed by Chesapeak Bay which crabs baby!)

Jackson started his first week of school. First time riding the bus. First time going to a cafeteria for lunch. First time at a new school with new friends and a new home. It has been an enormous adjustment for every member of our family. The heartache of packing up our dream home in FL, the anxiety of starting over, yet again. But through this difficult transition, came so many blessings and realizations. Watching both of our families rally around us to make it all happen, our generous friends who made sure we knew we would be missed and most of all the profound internalization that neither brick and mortar nor geographic location define a family...
It is the faith, dreams, and love shared between its members.

Tuesday, August 25

please forgive my neglected blog!

Our new internet and phone will be hooked up at our new home soon and I will back in the swing of things! In the meantime, here are a few pictures (worth a thousand words) of the past few weeks' happenings. It has been a wild ride!

Sunday, August 16

Going through the Change

and I don't mean menopause, though it seems as though it could compare. Anxiety, hot flashes and emotional highs and lows certainly were symptomatic as we packed up our Florida home and said good bye to our friends for a new chapter that awaits us in Maryland. Of course, we even moved with the high drama and chaos that is the Tiger family signature. A 7 day moving sale, to lighten our load for a cross-country move, and a whilwind of visitors, friends, and family who rolled up their sleeves to be there for us when we needed them most. Some of the big transitions in life are marked by those that are closest to you and this is by far, one of the hardest things I have done. I suppose I should consider myself lucky.

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