Tuesday, December 21

Organized Holiday

My favorite little side kick this time of year, I just had to share my Ho-Ho- Holiday Planner for the adorably cozy Gooseberry Patch.  I buy one each year and switch from the ol' Franklin Covey to this holiday-focused book of merriment, recipies, gifting and wrapping ideas.  It is the perfect spot to store reciepts, make a list [check it twice] and schedule holiday parties.  The calendars month-at-glance view lets you see Oct through Dec and quick the season is approaching. 

Filling this little tool with dates, lists, cards, and recipies over the years has been a great journal of Heimer Holidays.  I can go back and reflect on dishes that were especially popular, budgets and how much we spent on the kiddies, and even Christmas card lists and addresses!

Monday, December 20

The BayNet

I am so excited about a new little creative outlet that I have recently committed to.  The Baynet news…a local publication to Southern Maryland, will soon feature a Lifestyles Section and Yours Truly is the contributor!
I have enjoyed writing the stories I’ve submitted so far and look forward writing more on my favorite style-focused topics: fashion, entertaining, family, community events, moms in So MD, lifestyles, etc.

Here is the link to my first story that ran last this week! Be sure and comment on my story so they know folks are reading!!!  xo  Holiday Entertaining

Tuesday, December 7

Party with Good Company

What a blast!  A few friends came over to enjoy a little pre-game before my Company holiday party in our neighborhood's reception hall!

Dane's Sweet Birthday

Happy "Sweet" Birthday to our big boy.  With a Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory themed party, it surely was a sweet celebration.  Dane is my candy eater and loves all things chocolate.  Guests noshed on chocolate covered fruit and marshmellows thanks to our chocolate fountain, gobbstoppers, gumballs, pixie sticks and a few veggies (to throw in so the parents didn't throw us out!)

Our little guy had a big day!

Oompla Loompa dance contest (the little ones learn the steps first)

a little twister stretching

kids had fun making their own chocolate lollies!

toothbrushes in party favors ...of course!

Messy but fun!

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