Tuesday, December 21

Organized Holiday

My favorite little side kick this time of year, I just had to share my Ho-Ho- Holiday Planner for the adorably cozy Gooseberry Patch.  I buy one each year and switch from the ol' Franklin Covey to this holiday-focused book of merriment, recipies, gifting and wrapping ideas.  It is the perfect spot to store reciepts, make a list [check it twice] and schedule holiday parties.  The calendars month-at-glance view lets you see Oct through Dec and quick the season is approaching. 

Filling this little tool with dates, lists, cards, and recipies over the years has been a great journal of Heimer Holidays.  I can go back and reflect on dishes that were especially popular, budgets and how much we spent on the kiddies, and even Christmas card lists and addresses!

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