Tuesday, July 14

What's in a blog...

While much of my blog is all about the fluff (which certainly defines me in many ways LOL) my heart is a little heavier today as I realize what our summer in MD has evolved into. Reconnecting with my children (who our fabulous Nanny, Gran-nan, has done a wonderful job raising thus far, I might add!) watching my husband's passion come to fruition, and enjoying a slower pace of life than what has been our reality the past few years. I often referred to the "hamptons" as "re-Hab". Rehab from an all too crazy schedule where my kids were growing up too fast and the days were marked by the next closed deal or meeting. Don't be mistaken - I MISS THOSE DAYS (oh how i miss those days!!) However, all good things must come to an end and with a struggling real estate market, it is perhaps time for a more selfless stint in the biography of Leslie Heimer.
That said - I have been presented with the opportunity for the perfect job for ME! LOL. It seems as though a big decision may be on the horizon, one I have not yet fully pondered as there are many factors to consider. My family back home- will a permanent move to Maryland help my sweet angel mommy, more effectively downsize our baby (a.k.a Premier Home Mortgage) during this critical time where we are working to rebuild cash flow? Or will I miss her so much our hearts won't bear? Do I know who I am without my girlfriends by my side (you know who you are) who have been there through thick and thin and helped me define what I bring to each endeavour? Will my children transition and make new friends easily? Will I be able to survive the cold weather and distance from the beach, being the Florida girl that I am?

In the true spirit of blogging, I have always treated this personal communication as my family's memoirs and a place where I can journal knowing those who care, are my primary subscribers;-)

So, I am putting it out there for my "fans" to be part of the Tiger family's potential transition! I LOVE my house in FL, I LOVE my family and friends in FL (not in that order LOLOL). But there has been an overwhelming peace in being a small fish in a small pond here and getting back to basics just when we needed it most.

I suppose the only constant is change, and it may be time for us to spread our wings a bit. I can start a new career at 28 right?

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