Wednesday, July 22

So this is Ladies night!

Breton Bay's new Teaching Professional, our very own Justin Heimer, recently started a group golf clinic. Ladies Night Out which includes a 45 min golf clinic where each week the ladies work on a different part of their game then enjoy a glass of wine in the clubhouse immediately following! It has become very popular and given me the chance to meet some great women. We had 25 ladies this past Tuesday, and I am just so proud of my hubby. To see him do his job, in his element, is pretty impressive I must say. (I guess trying to make a golfer sit behind a desk in the business world wasn't the best idea- i get it) Kathleen and I headed to the clubhouse after our putting practice!
Playoff for the putting contest (our best ladies golfers take private lessons regularly from my Husband... coincidence? I think not!!)

I did my best for the first few weeks to remain anonymous the first few weeks, as I didn't need any expectations put on my golf game. Let's face it - we all know why I like to play. My round essentials: my hot pink PING bag, plaid and/or argyle, pink oxfords and my skinny girl margarita... this is my kinda sport!

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