Thursday, December 22

Company Party Do's & Dont's

As an Executive, it is important to maintain a few etiquette essentials in front of co-workers at your company holiday party. Here are a few to keep in mind.  

Dress professionally and bring a guest if appropriate.
The party is an extension of the office and your attire should reflect such.  A guest allows coworkers get to know you a little better, and introduces your guest or spouse to your workplace.

Have one celebratory cocktail, with which to toast, keeping the party light and friendly. 


dance to every 80's song like it's your last night on earth.

perform (what you think is) a choreographed routine to any song on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. 

insist that every guest "come 'on ride that train"

down martini #3 before you're up at karaoke 

sing karaoke. 


and (for God's sake) DO NOT debut your rendition of Sir Mix-A-lot's "Baby Got Back", even if you do know the intro lyrics by heart.  No one at your company knows who Becky is. 


Toni said...

Oh..what would the holidays be without the Heimers? Boring thats what.

Leslie said...

Ohh my good Beki, look at this blog. I mean it's like a rapstars blog or something.

Leslie said...

Well played LuJean! xox

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