Thursday, January 12

Christmas Wishes

Another amazing holiday season has come and gone.  I cherish each of these precious years so much knowing that my 5 and 9 year may not always believe in Santa, though I hope that the magic of this special time of year will live in their hearts forever.  Here are a couple highlights of our Christmas in Florida!

Our new little girl, Holly. She was on top of the lists!

She took a long nap after an early morning of  Santa induced excitement!

A beautiful Christmas Dinner at my grandmother's house.  I so enjoyed helping her set her table with my the china and silver, given to my great grandmother, on her wedding day.  

A night out with my besties!

Lovely gifts (these were waiting for us when we returned!)

 Legoland in my hometown of Winter Haven, FL

Amazing family memories of our Christmas vacation 2011.


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