Wednesday, July 13

5 Things

inspired by emily's adorable blog, here are 5 things I am [kind of] obsessed with at the moment. in no specific order...

#1. Insalata Caprese 
(yes, i married into a family of Italians) 
For the many BBQ's and poolside parties filling up our social calendar lately, this is my go-to dish. Perfect to please the host's pallette and the table. This summer classic is delicious and offers a beautiful display. (Psst. secret ingredient: the freshest mozerella).

#2 Coastal Living Magazine
Clipping ideas and swatching colors, the Coastal Living magazine and website pretty much single handedly inspired my living room makeover. (outcome soon).
#3. This Guy
Obviously this obsession is not seasonal, but I have been so enjoying watching him live it up this summer. He is having a blast with his brother, friends, swim lessons, camps, and ice cream trucks (can you tell which color is his favorite?)

#4)  Talbots Blazer
Cool mint cotton with 3/4 length sleeves and ruffle collar detail, it is a perfect way to suit up for the office in the blazing 95 degree weather!

#5) Poolside Saturdays
Our neighborhood pool is complete with locker rooms, snack bar, high dive, music, lifeguards, and plenty of comfy lounge chairs!  My girlfriends and I love to load up the kiddos and spend the afternoon gabbing away while watching the kids play.  I keep this LL Bean tote loaded with sunscreen, pool toys, mags, and towels in the foyer pretty much all summer so we are always prepared for the water with friends.  Notice the Black Box? Yep, this crisp Pino is also summer staple in the pool bag! 


jhkm22 said...

Your blazer is fabulous!  And yah for poolside Saturdays.  Me and the kids love going to the pool in the summer.  My six year daughter's new favorite thing are the dive sticks.

Savannah Hines said...

You have such a cute blog. I love this post. That blazer looks awesome, the perfect summer addition!

The Cat Hag said...

Awww I love the photo of your little son, too cute!! :)



The Cat

Leslie Heimer said...

Thanks Addie, he does melt my heart!

Leslie Heimer said...

the dive sticks rock!! My 4 year old's swim teacher uses them in all his lessons, so we must be on to something!

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