Thursday, July 28

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Well this pretty much takes care of the Awkward wouldn't you say?
I love these shoes...I do not love that my feet  slide out revealing the fingerling toes! I suppose I will have to retire them after a 3 year love affair.

[I should get extra credit for this post wouldn't you say?  What fun is a personal style blog if you can't poke a little fun at yourself!]

- Girlfriends who send you gorgeously tailored suits after leaving corporate America
- The husband taking a much needed day off to take our oldest to Kings Dominion for a little roller coaster day with Dad!
- The Ballard Design cheetah lamps in my office - they make me, and the stuff-shirt-IT-Engineers-that-don't-really-get-us="marketing types"- smile
- A short cross-country chat with my amazing sister working so hard during her residency


Tani said...

I love the picture! lol. Your toes are really cute, it's too bad those shoes don't work for them because the shoes are really cute too. 

Teamheimer said...

Thanks so much took some courage to post, but it was just too funny not to!  This is a REAL awkward and awesome post!! LOL

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