Wednesday, September 9

The Compound

We live in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) called Breton Bay. We have come to kindly refer to our therein, as "the compound". Our home is oversized and old and has an enormous backyard. Cell phone service doesn't quite connect once you reach this area at "the bottom of the hill", Deer and rabits are so common that they are almost a nusance (to some, not yet us!) and all the hustle and bustle outside of Breton Bay seems to fade right about the time I am nearing the Heimer compound. Just as you pass the BB golf course (about 500 yards from our house), at the top of the hill, you can see a full view of the water, and it is simply breathtaking. As the sun begins to set a little earlier, I caught a glimpse of the sunset on my way home today. I am beginning to appreciate our new nest!

...did I mention that Justin drives a golf cart to work!?

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