Saturday, May 24

The Vines Wine Bar & Grill

Justin and I enjoyed a lovely dinner in wonderful company and an awesome live jazz band last night. Friend (and albiet justin's idol) Dewey Tomko and his wife Marianella invited us to a dinner party at their delicious Orlando resturant last night. We joined 3 other couples and the service was superb. I had the most delicious salmon and the wine list had my very favorite wine. You can imagine my delight when they brought out a bottle of 2005 Conondrum... ahh heaven! For the final course Mr. Tomko ordered his favorite selection of desserts (which aren't on the menu) and I simply had to have a bite (despite my no carb efforts), and I can't say I regret it! The company was even better, Marianella introduced me to a cold pearl saki that we both enjoyed! Of course, the ladies chatted it up all night, to our husband's astonishment. Isn't that the great thing about being a girl? - you can always find some common thread with other women and enjoy interesting conversation, always learning something new. Thank you Dewey and Marianella for your generous hospitality and a perfect night out! Can't wait until the Blue Martini! Marianella, I think they have a saki one!!

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