Wednesday, June 3

You've Got Mail

After purchasing our Post Office Box online prior to departure, we were elated when we learned that our mailing address would now be P.O. Box #1!!! Yep, it is true! I of course knew this meant that either the orginal owner may have passed away, or that we just landed 1 of maybe 20 boxes in a very small Post Office (of a very small waterman town). As you can see, the latter was true. We did have some mail and the boys each recieved a hug and a sticker from the P.O. lady!


Days of Whine & Noses said...

cute blog!

stopping by from SITS!

Ronnica said...

That's a fun little post office!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much! so glad you stopped by :-) always nice to know you aren't blogging to yourself! LOL

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