Thursday, June 11

a girl about town

My children (for the most part) are adorable angels of the earth and our summer home is also gorgeous. We are certainly enjoying the quality time and the simpler things in life, while dad enjoys teaching and sharing his enthusiasm for golf. While it is taking some getting used to, life is movin at a little slower pace here in St. Mary's County.

The Breton Bay Pool is the total social scene for kids ages 7 to 14. It is a huge pool with a high dive that Jackson has mastered (last summer he just couldn't get up the nerve). The kiddie pool is separate with it's own enclosure. This is a great place to meet new moms and I can enjoy a little R&R while Dane interacts with other little ones.

deer grazing after a thunder storm right down the street


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like an ideal way to spend the summer. You're so lucky!

Leslie said...

blessed for sure! Aren't we all?

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