Thursday, June 11

non "working" mother is no walk in the park!

but I am swinging it!
Enjoyed a little play time at the Breton Bay Pier

have been reminded just what work being a stay at home mommy is! More work than I have ever accomplished in one day! Keeping these boys entertained, feed, somewhat groomed all without loosing my sanity all together is a CHORE - so hats off to all you moms who do not "work" - which is the oxymoron of the century! I have my little office all set up and am conducting my loan business from home which means I can often be found literally hopping on one foot while holding the door closed with the other while the wild indians demand my attention and whine on the other side. Why does it seem as though they are occupied for 5 minutes until I get on the phone with a client?!

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